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Upham's Corner Main Street Annual Meeting 2011

Posted: October 25, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

UCMS Annual MeetingOn October 25, 2011 Upham's Corner Main Street held its 2011 Annual Meeting at the Strand Theatre conveniently located adjacent to the new UCMS office. 

Starting with an informal gathering in the Strand's lobby, over sixty attendees - residents and merchants, nonprofit leaders, and government officials - enjoyed the primarily ethnic food provided by local Upham's Corner restaurants.  

Food at the meeting was from Restaurant Laura, Brothers Supermarket, Upham's House of Pizza, and Canton House.

At 6pm the group headed into the theater and got a chance to learn about UCMS' most recent accomplishments including the renovation of their new office and the creation of a three-year strategic plan. 

They then approved by acclamation the re-election of four board members: Bob Haas, Deidra Macleo, Arlindo Correia and Liam Day.

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Max MacCarthy, the new Executive Director, encouraged everyone to get involved with future UCMS projects, including
  • organizing and holding small business seminars to assist existing businesses,
  • partnering with the Strand Theater on a strategy of business recruitment, and
  • helping improve the physical appearance of the Upham's Corner business district
"Besides electing a new slate of board members, the goal of this year's annual meeting was to unveil our new projects moving forward and provide opportunities for the Upham's Corner community to get involved" UCMS' new Executive Director Maxwell MacCarthy explained. "With new projects, a new storefront office, a completed strategic plan, and a new executive director, it's a time of transition and an opportune time to get involved with the organization!"

The annual meeting also allowed UCMS to honor some of the key partners who helped the organization move into their new storefront office, including the Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral and representatives from her department, who were thanked by UCMS President Matthew Bruce for their extensive structural work done in the new UCMS office.

Upham's Corner Main Street (UCMS) is a nonprofit organization that works to support small businesses in order to create a more thriving Upham's Corner community.

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