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Upham's Corner Library - Importance in our Global World

Posted: March 13, 2011      Nancy J Conrad

"It takes a village to raise a child."

This African proverb has another parallel as our world continues to shrink locally and grow globally. 

"It takes an educated people to raise a nation."
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You can think of the United States as a village of the rich and not so rich, the well educated and the lesser so, people in community and people in isolation.

From the global perspective, as viewed by our governing leadership and the business community, we, the people, are one of many resources needed to maintain our country’s leadership position in the world.

From the village perspective, we know each other as living members of caring communities.  Our roles are to reach out and encourage involvement.  Lifelong pursuits of education and learning open our minds and hearts to a more abundant life -- improving and enhancing our health, our planet's health and the opportunity for each individual to contribute in a meaningful way.  

Where the global and village perspectives meet is the boundary between atom and energy.  Education of the people leads to enlightenment, motivation and action.
1996 Jaques Delors wrote:  "At the dawn of a new century the prospect of which evokes both anguish and hope, it is essential that all people with a sense of responsibility turn their attention to both the aims and the means of education.

He continues:

"It is the view of the Commission [International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century] that, while education is an ongoing process of improving knowledge and skills, it is also - perhaps primarily - an exceptional means of bringing about personal development and building relationships among individuals, groups and nations." (1)

According to the IFLA   [International Federation of Library Associations],

"In a society of lifelong learning - whether of a formal or informal nature - public libraries will be nodes connecting the local learning setting with the global resources of information and knowledge. Public libraries must therefore be allowed to play a role of fundamental importance in the development of future systems of lifelong learning.(1)"

Returning our focus to the smallest elements of the village, the set of building blocks that determines the future of our world, we see the children and their guardians.  We see them making choices.  
  • How do we spend our days?
  • How do we encourage the love of learning, community building and sustainability?
In an interview with Arnie Duncan, US Secretary of Education, Time for Kids asked him How will you encourage parents to become more involved in their children's educations?

"Parents are always going to be their child's first teachers. I have two young children and I am reading to them at night, helping them with math and taking them to museums. We have to encourage all parents to turn those televisions off at night, read to their children and take them to the public library and museums. When parents partner with teachers, we see wonderful things happen for children."

The Upham's Corner Library is important to the Upham's Corner community.

A library, by its very existence and social acceptance underwrites the democratic freedoms we so highly value -
  • to think,
  • to learn, and
  • to exchange openly.
The Upham's Corner branch staff complement the stacks and shelves and lists to create an exciting place to visit and expore. The patrons, library friends, neighbors, parents and the community have come to "expect" the information services the library provides. 

This praise underscores the urgency for our City to provide Upham's Corner with a first-class library.

(1)    The role of Public Libraries in lifelong learning - a Project under the section of Public Libraries, IFLA,  Copyright © 1995-2000
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

(2) Time for Kids - Interview with Arnie Ducan

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