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Story contributed by "The Friends" - December 15, 2010

All clouds have a silver lining - or so they say.  The Upham's Corner Branch of the Boston Public Library would definitely agree.  The economic issues of the last few years and fear the branch might close helped reactivate the Friends of the Upham's Corner Branch Library, Inc.

In 2009 towards the end of public meetings about the library budget crisis, a group of people approached the Upham's Corner branch librarian, Georgia Titonis.  "What can we do to help keep the Upham's Corner branch open?" 

Georgia was delighted.  "I informed them a group already exists - Friends of the Upham's Corner Library but it wasn't active.  They seemed excited about starting up again." 

The result?  - A perfect social marriage - a problem needing help and a motivated group wanting to help.
Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
Jeannette Powell, Irene Roman,  Marti Glynn and Janet Woolford
There are probably as many "Friends" groups as there are library branches.  "Friends of the Library" is an advocacy and fundraising organization. The current Friends of Upham's Corner is a mix of people:
  • "Originals" - people who got involved around 2000 when the library was focused on building a new branch
  • "Newbies" - people who joined starting in 2009 when the library was under threat of closure.  
Currently the Friends of the Uphams Corner Branch Library, Inc. are working on three issues:  
  1. Increasing the use of the library
  2. Bringing new friends on board
  3. Raising money to help support library programs.
Most recently the Upham's Corner Friends voted to purchase a Franklin Park Zoo pass and a subscription of the Wall Street Journal for the branch.  Ms. Titonis is pleased with their decisions. 

"These are both resources that will fill community needs and bring more people into the library."
Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
Marti Glynn and Janet Woolford with their Friends literature clearly displayed in front
When asked why she became involved in the Friends, Chairperson of the Board, Marti Glynn replied:

"I have a deep belief that education is the basis of a strong community and that reading is the basis of education.  The loss of the library would be a devastating blow to Upham's Corner. 

Once I got involved and began to learn more about what the library has to offer, I was hooked."

The Friends meets at the library (500 Columbia RD) at 9:30 on one Saturday of the month.  The new schedule for 2011 will be on the Upham's Corner Calendar.  Or call the library for more information.  617-265-0139.

Membership in the friends is a nominal annual amount of $5.00 for an individual membership and $10.00 for a family membership.  Youth under twenty-one who want to join as individuals can join for free. 

Contact: Marti Glynn, at marti.glynn@verizon.net  or
               The Upham's Corner Library at 617-265-0139.
On December 16, 2011 the Upham's Corner Branch hosted a jazz event in the library while the Friends held a table outside with literature about their organization.  Each person passing by had an opportunity to learn more and to join.

Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
Marti Glynn speaking to someone while Jeanette Powell and Janet Woolford enjoy discourse with Alexis Fronbin

Friends of the Upham's Corner Library

Jazz group performing in the Upham's Corner Library
Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
Marti Glynn handing out information about Friends
Friends of the Upham's Corner Library
Irene Roman describing the group's goals

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