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Upham's Corner Improvement Association, Founded 1914

Posted: August 8, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

The Official Program of the Dorchester Day Parade from June 6, 1914 has a half-page dedicated to the newly formed Upham's Corner Improvement Association.  Click each image to enlarge.  The full text of the article is reproduced below.

Thanks to Pilgrim Church for sharing their archives with us.

Upham's Corner Improvement Association
Organized January 1914

The Upham's Corner Improvement Association, a much needed and long felt want, was organized in January, 1914, largely to the earnest and untiring efforts of David L.White, a man fully familiar with and active in organization work, he having been actively engaged in local improvement work for the past 33 years in another section of the city where he formerly resided in where he has during that time seeing great things accomplished through organization.

The Association started with a boom with 163 members on its role, comprising many of the strongest and most influential citizens of the District.  Supr. White was honored by his selection unanimously as president, and judging from his past record in this line and duty well performed in many other organizations in which he is active will no doubt make good in securing for the district many needed improvements, for his belief is that well organized bodies with persistence and continued effort will bring results.  Already work has been put under way asked for by the Association.

The meetings are held monthly in the Columbia Square building U.C.on the fourth Tuesday of each month and all citizens of the District are invited to join the Association for work.

Description of Photo:  David L. White
Active Worker in the Interest of Dorchester

Officers for 1914
David L White, President Mr. Elmer Minard, 1st Vice-President
Dr. Thomas J Giblin, 2nd Vice-President J.W. Harris Wright, Secretary
Thomas G. Buckley, Treasurer Benj. A. Ham, Sergeant at Arms

Board of Directors

William H. Robey John R. McVey Herbert S. Frost
Dr. Fred W. Sears Dr. E. P Starbird Jas G. Gillespie
Francis G. Powell Thomas W. O'Rourke Herbert A. Rhoades
Albert Kent Raymond P. Delano Walter Adlard

Membership Committee
Wm. C. B. TaylorPercy I.  Minard W.H. Elliott

At the next year's Dorchester Day Parade,  June 5, 1915, the Uphams Corner Improvement Association was still active and there were no (published) changes in membership.  Click the images below to enlarge.

Some interesting notes:

David L White was no longer described as a mere "Active Worker in the Interest of Dorchester."  His photo subtitles included two accolades:
  • President Uphams Corner Improvement Association
  • Chairman Program Committee Dorchester Historical Society
What was the group working on?

Our Association is working now for Rapid Transit to Codman Square via Uphams Corner either by Subway or Electric Railway.  We also want Engine 21 to be motorized and we are interested in the construction of the new Quincy Shore Boulevard.

A small point:  The official spelling of Upham's Corner had changed to Uphams Corner (no apostrophe).

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