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Upham's Corner Boundaries -- a Walking Tour

Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Nancy Conrad

Upham' Corner boundaries can change depending on your goals and the data that you have to work with. Geographic boundaries work best for Upham's Corner News and the ones we use form a rectangle, tilted slightly clockwise.
The North, West and South boundaries are simple, consisting of one roadway each. The East boundary is more complex, traveling over three separate streets.
South: Quincy Street
West: MBTA commuter rail tracks
North: E. Cottage St
East: Pleasant St. South to Hancock to Bowdoin St. to Quincy St
  1. Jump on the commuter rail tracks at Quincy Street
  2. Walk north on the commuter rail tracks to E. Congress St. and jump off
  3. Walk east on E. Cottage St. to Pleasant Street
  4. Walk south on Pleasant St. to Hancock Street
  5. Go right on Hancock Street to Kane Square (Bowdoin Street)
  6. Turn left on Bowdoin Street to Quincy Street
  7. Turn right on Quincy Street to the tracks

Since it isn't possible to walk the commuter rail tracks, the simplest walkable path on the western boundary is Magnolia Street crossing over Dudley, then Leyland Street to E. Cottage St.

As far as who resides within the Upham's Corner boundaries, Upham's Corner News will include only the streets on the eastern side of the tracks (no Magnolia St).
Upham's Corner BoundariesUpham's Corner Boundaries
The five numbers on the map represent five natural groupings of streets that make Upham's Corner a little easier to deal with.
  1. Group 1: NW -- north of Dudley Street and west of Columbia Rd.
  2. Group 2: NE -- east of Columbia Rd. and north of Stoughton St.
  3. Group 3: SW -- south of Dudley St.and west of Columbia Rd.
  4. Group 4: Middle - Jones Hill
  5. Group 5: SE - east of Columbia Rd and south of Hancock St

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