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Uphams Corner Beauty Supplies

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Uphams Corner Beauty SuppliesUphams Corner Beauty Supplies
769 Dudley Street
Upham's Corner, MA

Uphams Corner Beauty Supplies carries every imaginable hair care and  hair accessory product.
  • shampoos 
  • hair color 
  • relaxers and perms 
  • scarves 
  • hair appliances including dryers and curling irons 
  • hair clippers 
  • rollers 
  • gel 
  • brushes
  • professional products
Uphams Corner Beauty Supplies

Edna Fields is the owner.  

She  knows her products well and can help identify what will work best for your specific hair care needs.  

In 1994 Edna and her partner were looking to start a retail business in Upham's Corner.  Rite-aid had just closed and now there was nowhere to purchase hair care products and other beauty supplies.  That's how her 15 year venture began.   

As the owner Edna provides a consistent and predictable presence. 

You know when you walk in, you're going to find a knowledgeable person who enjoys helping each and every customer.  
What's hot nowadays?  Uphams Corner Beauty Supplies

"Hair extensions are big right now including wigs and weaving hair, both human and synthetic.  If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask."

What makes a product "professional"? 

"Quite simply the professional customer looks for individual items while the consumer looks for a kit.  Uphams Corner Beauty Supplies carries both -- the kit for the consumer and the individual products for the beauty salons."

Can you help me with my hair?

"If your hair has been over-colored, stretched or looks dull, you may very well benefit from specialty products the store carries."

Can I ask a question?

"Of course you can.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  You'll find our conversations informative and interesting.  You wil also leave the store knowing we care about making your day better."
Uphams Corner Beauty SuppliesEdna Fields is excited about her business.  She says the fruits of her labor as like sweet ripe fruit, like sweet ripe peaches.

"What an incredible day when I have customers who buy my products, ask me for advice and who enjoy my company.  I know they'll be back and I look forward to seeing them again. "

So why do I want to shop at Uphams Corner Beauty Supplies?  

  • Friendly, knowledgeable service
  • The staff (Edna) are there to serve the customer
  • They carry trial sizes
  • They carry professional products
  • It’s easy to get to and they are open Monday through Saturday

Stop in soon.  Say hello to a friend or introduce yourself and become one. 

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