Uphams Arts Fine Arts Products and Services

Uphams Arts offers many products and services to enrich your life. A line of beautiful greeting cards created from combining poetry (aphorisms) and photography.  Two books are for sale:  A Pilgrim on the Common and Gifts of Gratitude.  Additional products and services will be announced as the website progresses.

Welcome to Uphams Arts . . .

Uphams Arts offers beautiful products and helpful services to enrich and benefit your life.

Greeting Cards Greeting cards combine Uphams Arts poetry (aphorisms) with their photography to create original greeting cards - works of art and perfect for personal expression.

Books for Sale
Two books under the auspices of Uphams Arts are available for purchase. 
  • "Pilgrim on the Common" is a photography book about Pilgrim Church's Boston Common food ministry
  • "Gifts of Gratitude" combines poetry, prose and photography in 24 spiritual reflections
Authoring & Publishing
Authoring services - professional and personal writing -  press releases, website content, articles, personal stories, family history and much more.  Interested in improving your writing skills?  We offer mentoring for specific purposes and audiences - also styles such as speeches, poetry and memoirs.

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Posted: May 25, 2014    Nancy J Conrad