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UMass Art Exhibit - Carrie Savage "How our Paths have Crossed (Adapt)"

Posted: May 5, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Hand Dyed Canvas (Coffee, Wine, Turmeric, Balsamic Vinegar, Paprika), Thread, Wire, 2012. USA.

"There are all these different paths that each person can take in their lifetime.  My piece is about what happens when those paths cross. My piece also addresses how two people begin to "adapt" to one another over time. It's about the organicity these interactions can have."

UMass Art Exhibit 5/4/12
Interview with Carrie Savage

Carrie Savage UMass Art StudentIn the Capstone class, the whole semester we make art for one show.  We talk about art the whole semester and different ways of making art.  Because UMass is not an art school, we explore many different facets of art.  Whatever class you take is the medium you make your art in. We don’t have fiber arts at the school. 

As an art student I am very creative in my approach to assignments and I tried to do that with the class theme of a "synonym for change" and my synonym of "adapt." Although we don't have fiber arts at UMass, I selected fiber arts as my medium - canvas and thread and organic materials to dye the canvas.  So I used the word to develop the art work but didn’t necessarily develop the work based on the word.  "Adapt" was the word that got my creative juices flowing. 

My piece is about relationships and how they change and how people relate to each other and get used to (adapt to) each other.  Getting used to is a form of adaption. 

Concept of Transition

My work shows the concept of transition.  Clearly, overall the shape of each piece is a mountain.  So these are little mountain sculptures out of fabric. The surface of each piece has a series of off white stitching which helps make the pieces look like topographical maps.  But in between is colored thread - dark brown and green - which are trails and represent people in our lives.  I hung each piece so the trails would match up.  There is an overall flow in how the trails match up.

How long?  The thought process took the entire semester and the piece itself hours upon hours - a long time.  I had to dye the canvas first.  The reason I used regular canvas because it was left over from a different idea.  Otherwise I would have bought recycled material. 

This exhibit has been really cool and really interesting. I used to take the bus through this area but I never got off.  I really like it. I like bringing art to this space and trying to get people to come in. Last night there were lots of people.  It was great.  So I am planning on working here, maybe being part of the show in the Masonic building this summer.

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