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UMass Art Exhibit - Ashley Overko - "Synonym for Change (Diverge)"

Posted: May 5, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Mixed Media, painting, paper Mache, acrylic.  2012. USA.

"This art piece is a combination of two and three dimension, which is a metaphoric representation about divergence that connects to the personal or interpersonal.  The purpose of the piece is to create an individual response that explores and examines divergence in one's own personal life and on a larger scale of society.  Furthermore, the piece should generate thought about the outcomes initiated from a common point of diversion, whether positive or negative."

UMass Art Exhibit - Ashley Ovorko
Interview with Ashley Overko

UMass Art Exhibit - Ashley OvorkoI began developing my artwork by exploring the meaning of the word "diverge."  I thought a lot about the word and its importance in my personal life and overall.  For example, if you are in a relationship, divergences always occur and they can be both positive and negative. 

In creating the art, I wanted to show that divergences happen all the time in everything you do and that's what the lines on the black are all about.  But the reflection is generated by the branch that sits three-dimensionally on top.

I tried making a branch myself but it was impossible.  They were too heavy, they would bend and they broke.  I tried paper mache and metals and other media.  Finally, I tried a synthetic lightweight branch used for home decoration and attached it with fine hanging wire. 

What does the branch symbolize?  It's a simple branch that is intended to make you think about a major event in your life.  The branch sits above life, it sits below and on the outside.  It's not within the confines of the canvas and I could have done that but I especially wanted to add to the three dimensional feeling and within the boundaries of the canvas, it would not have resonated as well. 

So the decision made about the branch was in support of both the concept and the presentation. 

I am very excited about this course and I think my art work came out really well and I'm happy about that.  It's been a good learning experience.  I am graduating in  June and plan to take a year off but continue with art, maybe get an internship.  Continuing to work on art will help make a decision about graduate school..

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