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UCMS - Upham's Corner Main Street is Moving

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Upham's Corner Main Street is moving!

The governing board of UCMS has set in motion a plan to make their organization more visible –and more effective - by moving their operation to a store front at 545 Columbia Road next to the Strand Theater. 

UCMS, under the leadership of Board President Matthew Bruce and Executive Director Zachary Cohen, has set a goal to make their office a shining example of what an Upham's Corner store front can be.  To start, they plan to refurbish the exterior within the next two weeks, then tackle the interior. 

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed before December so they can move in.  The full project will be completed over multiple phases.  Improving the space is a challenge.  Much COULD be done to improve the space but it requires more expenditures than the budget currently permits.  UCMS' relies solely on fundraised dollars to accomplish its goals.  

Where there is a will ... You can bet on this.  Main Street will achieve its goal to be a model business citizen.  We can't wait!
These photos show just how "bad" the future UCMS office space looks.  And this is what makes an exciting makeover since so much work needs to be done.

Upham's Corner News will be tracking UCMS' progress and letting you know what's involved and we'll also be showing the "makeover" photos. 

Everybody ... Wish them well.

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