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Last Updated: May 3, 2012

The Upham's Corner Improvement Association (UCIA) is an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Upham's Corner.  First formed in 1914, a group of residents re-started the organization in 2011.  They meet periodically as needed based on current ongoing projects.  New members are welcome.

Mission Statement & Operating Philosphy History of UCIA events Contact Us:  UCImprove@gmail.com

Quality of Life Issues
Despite the existence of city ordinances and city services, the overall quality of life and condition of Upham's Corner has a lot to be desired:  Trash, honking, loud music, dogs being walked without leashes, cars speeding, cars traveling the wrong direction on residential streets and more. There are also ongoing infrastructure problems.

Looked at all at once, the collection of issues can feel like it is overwhelming to the point that you throw up your hands and give up. 

UCIA has made a commitment to address each issue methodically and to take the opportunity to identify strategies and methodologies that work.   Once the group can demonstrate real change in Upham's Corner and what methods are effective, they plan to "spread the word" to encourage everyone to get involved to make a dramatic change in the overall quality of life.

Business District Improvements
UCIA is encouraging businesses to be more responsible about taking care of the outside of their property - cleaning the sidewalk, removing weeds, shoveling snow, and other "good deeds."  UCIA is using a two-pronged approach: 
  • Awards for outstanding business citizenship
  • Letters, conversations and escalation for "poor" businesses

St. Kevin's Parcel
The St. Kevin's parcel is a 2.7 acre site which the Archdiocese of Boston has proposed as 80 units of subsidized housing.  The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) approved the project before the developer obtained consensus with the community on design issues, many of which are still outstanding.  The developer is waiting for funding and, despite repeated requests by residents for changes in the design, the developer refuses to budge.

In September 2011, UCIA held a community-based meeting to discuss the future of Upham's Corner and how the St. Kevin's parcel fits into that.  They also attend Westside Neighborhood Assoc meetings, especially when St. Kevin's related issues are on the agenda.

In February and March 2012, UCIA conducted an indepth investigation of the St. Kevin's project which led to  the report:  "St. Kevin's - a Community Assessment" and which was turned into the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

Communication UCIA maintains a strong working relationship with Upham's Corner News so that activities, reports and other documents can be made available to the entire community.

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