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Last Updated May 3, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Following the BRA's approval of the St. Kevin's project, the developer, the Planning Office of Urban Affairs (POUA), seemed to drop all contact with the St. Kevin's area residents.  Long representing itself as the primary community contact with the developer, the Westside Neighborhood Association (UCWNA) began noticing that months were passing and no one from the developer team was in contact with them, this despite the BRA approval proviso that the developer continue working with the community.

The Improvement Association decided to hold a St. Kevin's community update meeting and invited the developer to attend on September 12, 2011.  While there was direct contact with the developer (Lisa Alberghini) about the meeting, she did not attend and, when asked by the media, denied any knowledge of the meeting. 

A blessing in disguise, the developer's absense allowed the community to better focus on the broader picture of the future of Upham's Corner.

View UCIA PowerPoint presentation to the community.

Developer attends April 12, 2011 UCWNA meeting
Developer attends January 10, 2012 UCWNA meeting
Parish has difficulties securing the property
UCWNA writes letter to developer at 2/14/12 meeting

Following two months of investigation, UCIA completed writing the report:  St. Kevin's - a Community Assessment.  Because the report is so lengthy, it is being made available in sections, as organized in the report itself.

Full report

Laying the Project Foundations

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