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UCIA - Cleanliness Campaign - Arion Street #1, Dorchester

Posted: January  11, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

The property at Arion Street #1 has a driveway at the back of the property on Davern Ave.  Between the driveway and the property line is a small strip of land where, for at least two years, nearby residents have seen a large, yellow plastic bag filled to capacity with construction debris (plaster) lying on the ground next to the driveway. 

Two residents walking in November, having a conversation about the unsightly condition of the property, noticed the tenant about to pull into the driveway.  So they asked him about the trash - why it had been on the ground for so long.  He said the trash was left behind (by someone else - previous owner or contractor ??), so they weren't cleaning it up since they didn't leave it there. 

What about the trash behind the fence?  He pointed fingers again at a neighboring property.

January 11, 2012

The owner of 1 Arion Street is also the owner of Amado Enterprises at 750 Dudley Street, Upham's Corner.  So an area resident decided to visit with Mr. Amado to talk about the UCIA Cleanliness Campaign and the overall condition of his property.  

"I am a member of UCIA, the Upham's Corner Improvement Association. We have inaugurated a Cleanliness Campaign to help improve our neighborhood and to make it more beautiful.  I have come here to talk with you about your property at 1 Arion Street.  There has been a large yellow plastic bag lying next to your driveway for the last two years, untouched.  It seems you have never made any attempt to remove it."

In line with the statement his tenant had made, Mr. Amado's response was to lay blame on somebody else: "Oh, it was the responsibility of . . . to remove it, not mine."

The resident responded:  "Ultimately, it is your responsibility to take care of the trash on your property.  If you did not ask the prior person to remove it, especially after years of sitting there, then it is your responsibility to remove it.  We have talked to the people who live in the apartment and they said it is your trash, so you have to remove it."

The resident added:  "There are consequences to not cleaning up your property."  Mr. Amado responded by saying: "I don't like the threat." 
The resident assured him:  "It's not a threat. You haven't done anything about it so it's time for us to take action."
Arion Street #1
Trash has been piled up
alongside the driveway for years.
Arion Street #1
Close-up of trash
Arion Street #1
It's worse behind the picket fence -
household trash, tree limbs, construction debris
Arion Street #1

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