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Trip Hazard Repair at Cushing Ave and Columbia Road

Posted: November 18, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

This summer significant improvements were made to City of Boston infrastructure including ADA upgrades to sidewalks.

Crews upgraded the sidewalk at the intersection of Cushing Ave and Columbia Road.  That is when we discovered that a "trip hazard" was left as a result of the work carried out.  Where the new curb interfaced with the existing brick was a 2-3" drop that could easily lead to a twisted ankle.  The next morning we ran into the crew doing final work and explained the problem. 

"Sorry, we are not authorized to repair that.  That scope is not part of our contract." 

Probably their language was simpler and more direct but the message was the same, so we added this to our To Do List. 
To our surprise, the next morning the same crew was present, this time repairing the problem.  They had gotten authorization from the City.  We were surprised at how much work was involved in the repair.  It felt like "the leg was removed" when a bandage would have sufficed. 

They explained:  "Replacing a couple pieces of brick is not the right approach.  You have to create a gradual grade over the entire section." 

The truck indicates K. DaPonte Construction Corp but we do not know if they were the workers or the supervisor or both.  The crew was fun, energetic and friendly with the residents walking by. 
You can see from the photo prior to the work being done that the granite curb grades down as it meets the concrete, probably because that was the original ADA lip.  The brick was graded down in the same way.  Just replacing one portion of the sidewalk created the problem.

So the repair attended correctly to the brick but NOT to the curb.  To adjust the curb height, they created a form and poured concrete on top of the curb.  The proper way to repair this would have been to replace that section of the curb.
Trip hazard repair Trip hazard repair
Trip hazard repair Trip hazard repair
Trip hazard repair Trip hazard repair
Trip hazard repair Trip hazard repair
Trip hazard repair Trip hazard repair

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