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Trees & Gardens - An Upham's Corner Photo Tour 2010

Trees & Gardens of Upham's Corner Upham's Corner Trees & Gardens - Upham's Corner News will soon begin this new series."

Our goal is to highlight (with permission where appropriate) buildings and grounds which are particularly pleasing to the eye and where it is clear the owner is putting in effort. We will be preparing an online photo album that shows off Upham’s Corner.

We place a high priority on getting to know our community -- it's people, businesses, community groups, residences and more. One phase of this effort is to look at where we live – not so much the houses, but what grows around them, the trees and gardens.

Trees & Gardens of Upham's Corner

What are we looking for? The answer is a demonstration of PRIDE.

Upham's Corner is full of beauty -- beauty that most of us know little about. It's easy to spot it in the grand houses of the grand neighborhoods. It's harder to see and more subtle in other neighborhoods, but just as much there as anywhere else.

While dollars may be important in maintaining the grander homes, it is not the right standard for Upham’s Corner as a whole. What is more important is the effort the homeowner puts into their property along with the results. You can spend a lot of money or a little money. It's the final results that count.

 There are many creative ways to demonstrate that you care -- Trees & Gardens of Upham's Cornerso many ways to add color and shape and texture to your property. You can put effort into protecting an ancient tree, or decorating the steps with flower pots, or hanging plants from the porches or planting flowers on land.

It's the effort that counts, effort based on pride. When you feel pride about your home and where you live, it translates into YOU dressing YOUR property with the finest jewels.

Trees & Gardens of Upham's Corner So walk with us, please. Let's walk down the street and stop at the next lot. Whether it's a house, a business, a church or any other entity that contributes to the identity of Upham's Corner, let's ask ourselves the same question.
  • How does it feel?
  • Does it feel like the owner is putting effort into the property?
  • Does it feel like the owner is adding beauty to the community, to Upham’s Corner?
  • Does it feel like the owner is proud of their property and proud of their community?

When we find trees and gardens worthy of praise, we will want to share our findings with the community, and we can do that through images. Images convey in an instant what words might take an entire book to say.

Images challenge us to a personal response. Let yourself be swept away with the beauty. Hear yourself say: "I didn't realize ..." then take pride in knowing that you are a member of this incredible place.

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