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The New Uphams Corner Improvement Association

August 11, 2011
It's true! 
An organization that was formed almost 100 years ago
is about to come back to life to focus on Upham's Corner - all of Upham's Corner.

Yes, we have our neighborhood associations, Main Street, non-profits and religious centers (churches).  We have schools and scouts and arts groups.  We have city workers and city budgets that drop in periodically. Every one of these organizations does a fantastic job on their little piece of the pie. 

What about the bigger picture?

It's the bigger picture, the bird's eye view of life here in Upham's Corner that's out of focus.  Where is the one organization that promotes action, communication, collaboration and cooperation, the ONE organization that looks out over the whole of Upham's Corner and says: 

How can we improve our beautiful city?

Preliminary meetings have been taking place for almost six months though they started out with just a couple people who wanted to share their visions - poeple who cared about the whole of the community.

"The New Upham's Corner."  It's on its way!

Do you want to join us?  By email, in person, one-on-one?  We'll have more to say about this group in the next issue.  Consider getting started with us now.

Contact Us to get involved.
I Love Upham's Corner

Posted: August 10, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

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