The Food Project Moving their Fundraiser in Celebration of Spring

The annual Fall Fundraiser for The Food Project has been moved to the Spring as a strategic change.  Chairman of the Board, Dylan Sanders, said the Board looked at The Food Project's annual cycle of activities and recognized that a Spring event would serve as a kick-off to the important activities of the summer:  farming and youth programs.

The Food ProjectIn a recent decision by The Food Project’s Board of Trustees, they have decided to move the organization’s popular annual benefit from the traditional  Fall date to the Spring.  This change, they say, will better serve the mission and vision of the organization.

A Spring event is an exciting new strategic direction for The Food Project’s fundraising and development initiatives which recognize the key essential elements of the organization's functions and focus. 

A spring benefit aligns so well with our core functions as a farming and youth programs organization,” said Dylan Sanders, the chairman of the Board of Trustees. “A spring event will lead us into the summer just as the natural farming cycle kicks off and when our signature Seed Crew youth program begins.  “Indeed, spring is the perfect time to showcase what we do best, tap into the natural optimism every spring brings for our terrific supporters, and better serve our mission and vision through this important fundraising event,” Sanders said.“

Note that the Benefit currently scheduled for Thursday, September 18, will now be held in Spring 2015! Stay tuned for more details on the new date and venue.

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Posted: August 26, 2014    Nancy J Conrad