The Boston Home - $25k Grant from The Boston Foundation

Following a start-up grant in 2013 to pursue a durable medical equipment reuse program in partnership with the Mass Rehabilitation Commission, The Boston Home has received a grant of $25,000 from The Boston Foundation to continue and to support the program as ongoing.  This program has been characterized as "public policy that works."

The Boston Home“The Boston Home (TBH) is pleased to announce it has received a $25,000 grant from The Boston Foundation to support the REquipment durable medical equipment reuse program organized and facilitated by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC),” announced Marva Serotkin, President and CEO of The Boston Home.

Start-up Funding in 2013

The Boston Home received start-up funding in 2013 from the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation to pilot a coordinated approach to creating a durable medical equipment reuse program in partnership with the MRC and other agencies. The program, REquipment, offers families and individuals in urgent need of durable medical equipment an online, searchable database ( for free, refurbished equipment. The direct access helps eliminate the often daunting requirements of complex health care and insurance systems.

“This is a unique time for this project during a big shift in healthcare policy,” says Marva Serotkin, President and CEO of The Boston Home. “This project is a smart, collaborative solution to a practical problem and will make a real impact in people’s lives while also lowering costs for providers, public and private insurers, and individuals in Massachusetts.”

Public Policy that Works

“To quote a donor, REquipment is a great example of public policy that works,” said Randi Sargent, Program Manager. “We are grateful to have the support from the Boston Foundation to help us continue to recycle equipment and serve more people in need this year.” 

Funding for REquipment is provided by private and public sources including The Shapiro Family Foundation, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disabilities. For more information about donating or receiving REquipment, see the program’s web site at  or call 617-204-3626.

About The Boston Foundation

The Boston Foundation, Greater Boston’s Community foundation, is one of the oldest and largest foundations in the nation, with assets of nearly $900 million.  In 2012, the Foundation and its donors made $88 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and received gifts of close to $60 million.  The Foundation is a partner in philanthropy, with some 900 separate charitable funds established by donors either for the general benefit of the community or for special purposes. For more information about The Boston Foundation, visit their website or call 617-338-1700.

About The Boston Home

Since 1881, The Boston Home (TBH) has provided specialized clinical care and residential services for adults from throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with progressive neurological diseases, primarily advanced Multiple Sclerosis. Always an innovator, The Boston Home has extended its mission beyond its 96 residents to serve individuals living with progressive neurological diseases in the community through a wellness and socialization day program, B.Fit!, and through customization services of the Wheelchair Enhancement Center. The Boston Home Institute advances standards for care through research and education. For more information, visit

For more information, contact Florence Rawls at 617-326-4310 or visit their website

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Posted: August 27, 2014    Nancy J Conrad
Press Release August 14, 2014 - The Boston Home