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Thanksgiving 2010 in Upham's Corner - Residents Give Thanks.

Posted: 11/25/2010 - Nancy J Conrad

Thanksgiving from Upham's Corner Residents

As you open your eyes and realize you're still alive,
As you stretch your body and plant your feet firmly on the ground,

As you hear the sound of another human voice,
And your mind begins to program the rest of the day,
These are moments for giving thanks.

"I am grateful for my family and friends."

"I am so happy to be alive."

"I thank God that I have lived to see another Thanksgiving."

Feeling grateful creates a sense of humility and wonder. 
The very cells of your body relax.
A sense of excitement draws you forward.

And a new dawn begins.

Thank you!    Thank you!    Thank you!

 Residents Give Thanks 2010
Happy Thanksgiving 2010 We said: 

"Upham's Corner News is asking people to share what they are grateful for. 
Would you like to participate?"

Some people said "No."
  • They weren't interested in sharing or being public in their sentiments.  
  • For others you could see a wave of pain pass over their faces. 
Some people said "Yes"
  • But first shared a moment of sadness - tough economic times, the death of a loved one, no job.  Yet, they still had words to describe what Thanksgiving meant to them.
  • Others expressed profound thanks in their very being - their faces, their words, their body language.  "Thanks" filled their hearts like air filled their lungs.  "I'm so grateful to be alive."

Who are they?  Who are we?  Let us Meet our Friends & Neighbors

A woman sitting in a beauty salon,
A student walking home from school,

A couple waiting for the bus,
A woman shopping,

A family one flight up on the porch looking out,
A man running for the bus,

A woman in recovery going home,
A man who says his children are the joy of his life.

We invite All to share Thanksgivings with friends and neighbors of Upham's Corner.

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