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Terrence L Byrd, Department of Public Works

Posted: August 31, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Terrence L Byrd works for the Department of public Works.  He has been working there since the beginning of April 2011.  Terrence begins his day often before 7am though that is the official starting time.  He starts at Edward Everett Square and works his way to the center of Upham's Corner, down Dudley Street, then down Columbia Road and part way down Hancock Street.

Come rain or shine, hot hot weather or icy cold, Terrence is out making a difference in how the sidewalks (and adjacent curbs) look and this translates automatically into a greater sense of pride for the people who work, live and shop here.

UC News:  How did you happen to apply to Public Works? 

Terrence:  I was in a training program through Project Place which is at 1145 Washington St. in the South End.  My six months was up and my case manager asked me: "Could I put your name in for the Department of Public Works?"  "I said sure and then they called me the next week. In fact it wasn't even a week."

Terrence Byrd, DPW Terrence Byrd, DPW

Terrence explained that his life has been a little rough recently.  He was staying at the Veteran Center for Homeless Veterans.  They gave him a card to go down to Project Place at 17 Court St. in Boston. 

Terrence: I was in the military from 1980 to 1984 - Camp Pendleton California,  the Marines  I guess I just wasn't taking care of my personal responsibilities and got into trouble.  That's been going on for a couple years.  Project Place has been really good for me  They help you manage your money and there is a big emphasis on time management.  As I said before, they were the ones to help me find this job with the City.

Terrence:  Where I'm headed right now with housing, I'm not sure but I really like my job.  It's helping me get my life back in order.  The future?  Hopefully I can stay on working with the city.

"Have you gotten any good reviews so far?" we asked.    [Terrence smiled his big broad, infectious smile]  "As a matter of fact, I have."   We wished him the best:  "You've got a very friendly way about you and a great work ethic.  I'm always happy to see you.  Keep up the good work.:

Plan, when you see Terrence, to give him a hearty greeting.

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