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Terrance Johnson - Murder Victim - Upham's Corner, May 31, 2011

Posted: January 15, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Reflections on his Life

Terrance Johnson was well known to the residents and businesses close to Dudley and Monadnock Streets. 

He seemed to spend his entire day hanging out - waiting and looking.  It was clear to many of the “regulars” here that Terrance was up to no good - probably selling drugs and who knows what else.

Still, he kept to himself and rarely talked to anyone except those in his inner circle.  On occasion he would disappear for days or weeks and then return.  Jail time?  Vacation?  Who knows.  He, himself, had become a regular.  More or less, you knew things were under control when he was around.Terrance Johnson

When the news came that he had been murdered, it was a shock.  Violence begets violence.  Who knows what prompted that horrible tragedy.  An argument?  A drug deal gone bad?  Regardless, it was another life lost.

Terrance Johnson had become the third murder victim in Upham's Corner in 2011.

For the people who knew him, for his family, the loss of his life contained considerable more sorrow than value judgment of his daily activities.  There can be no doubt that he deeply touched the lives of the people who cared about him - in joy and in sorrow.

Memorial Fund

Terrance's friends and family prepared a street memorial with burning candles and stuffed toys at the intersection of Humphreys Street and Humphreys Place.  Above the altar, and with little fanfare, they placed a simple flyer with his photo and an announcement of the “Terrance Johnson Memorial Fund.”

The candles at his memorial burned for days.  Then the rains came and the street memorial was gone.

"T" was born on February 19, 1983 and died on Memorial Day,  May 31, 2011.

Upham's Corner News wrote a reflection on "T" - the name he was known by in the street.  There are photos and we provide insight into his life - as it was visible to us on the street (where he lived).

"T" is Gone - Reflections on his life

Another Murder Close By

Bill Harrington is a retired freelance news photographer who covered overnight TV news in Eastern Massachusetts.  On August 14, 1998, he videotaped a homicide at almost the identical spot where "T" was murdered - just across the street from where "T" was shot, in the empty lot.

It's actually eerie watching this video knowing that twelve years later, a young man only 16 years of age in 1998, named Terrance Johnson, would suffer the same fate.

Watch YouTube video  (be patient - video starts out slowly).

Death Investigation at Humphreys Street and Humphreys Place

Last night, Tuesday, May 31, 2011 around 8:12PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to the a radio call for a person shot at the corner of Humphreys Street and Humphreys Place.

On arrival, officers located a 28 year-old male suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was rushed to Boston Medical Center where he was later pronounced.

** Excerpted from BPDNews.com           View original article

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