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Temporary Closure for Uphams Corner Branch Library Starting May 25, 2013


The Uphams Corner Branch Library will be temporarily closed starting May 28, 2013 with an expected re-open date in September 2013.  A $3M Municipal Building renovation project is necessitating the closure since the front entrance and stairs will be affected.  A side door will provide access to the building for other tenants including the Health Center and the Bird Street Youth Center.  Library patrons are encouraged to use the Dudley and Grove Hall Branches.  The BPL will be posting the status of the Uphams Corner Library on its website.

Uphams Corner Branch LibraryLibrary Closes May 25, 2013

In early April 2013, the City of Boston and the Boston Public Library announced the temporary closure of the Uphams Corner Branch Library because the building in which the library is housed will be undergoing major renovations.  Known as the Municipal Building, it was built in 1904 and in that year the Uphams Corner Library moved in from a store front location on Dudley Street.  The library has been there ever since though its configuration has changed.  For example, what is now the Children's Library at the lower level at one time was a swimming pool and, hence, the interesting "well-like" configuration.

The official construction period begins on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 and is expected to be completed in September 2013.  The temporary closure period for the library begins the Saturday prior, at 2:00 pm Saturday, May 25, 2013.

For some great photos of the Uphams Corner Library, click here: A Closer Look at the Uphams Corner Branch Library.

Scheduled Improvements

Scheduled improvements in the $3M renovation for the Municipal Building include:  new roof, downspouts, gutters, repointing of the masonry, installation of (some) new windows, rebuilding the exterior and interior stairs and installation of a new heating system.

During the temporary closure period, Uphams Corner Branch users are encouraged to use the Grove Hall Branch, located at 41 Geneva Avenue in Dorchester; and the Dudley Branch, located at 65 Warren Street in Roxbury; as well as any of the Boston Public Library's other locations throughout the city. An interactive map of locations is available on the Boston Public Library website. The library will post information about the project on the Uphams Corner Branch profile page on the Boston Public Library website along with any necessary program rescheduling information.

Other organizations that use the Muni Building include the Uphams Corner Health Center and the Bird Street Youth Center.  Both organizations will remain open.  Andrea Kaiser, Executive Director of Bird Street, says a side entrance will be provided since work on the stairs and front door will prohibit use of that entrance.  "We are Trying to figure out how to do camp. Usually kids come up the front lobby where there is always a sign-in table and where parents make payments.  Now parents will have to come all the way upstairs.   We are still trying to figure it all out." 


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Posted: April 16, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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