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Team Swerve Standing United - Bird Street Entrepreneurs

Team Swerve at Bird St Youth CenterThe Social Media lab at Bird Street Community Center produces the monthly publication:  The BirdHouse. 

Under the direction of Reny Reid, the youth select their topics and write the articles.  Nancy Conrad provided a two-month journalism workshop for the group that met twice a week for 30 minutes. 

The goals of the workshop included a big picture understanding of journalism but also the importance of team effort.  One area of emphasis was on brain-storming for generating creative ideas.

The final series of brain-storming sessions focused on how to get in touch with their creativity.  The result?  A very surprising statement about who they are and what they stand for called "Team Swerve." 

Except for encouragement by the workshop leader, ALL of the statements are from the kids.  Impressive.

S - smart, W - wild, E - enthusiastic, R - real, V - valuable and E - entrepreneurs.

Hi everybody.  We are Team Swerve, a group of kids at Bird Street who are learning about social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram and Tumblr.

We call ourselves Team Swerve because that is Who We Are!
Team Swerve is smart.  We get good grades and we know how to write articles for our monthly publication, the Birdhouse, about Team Serve members and written by Team Swerve members.

[W] Team Swerve is a bunch of teenagers with skyhigh energy.  We are wild! We are teens of the new era - the ones who make a change by our wildness and enthusiasm.  Team Swerve is full of friends who are crazy and energetic and who also get work done.

[E]   Team Swerve is a group of enthusiastic kids.  Everyone comes in ready to work - preppy and happy.  We don't always express our enthusiasm using words either.  Sometimes it's the way we act, showing our enthusiasm non-verbally, like producing more work than we have to because we are so excited about what we are doing.

[R]   Team Swerve keeps it "100."  We keep things real. If you are looking "ugly" today, we tell you.  If you have hot breath, we hand you that tic-tac. 

We've got each others' backs, too.  You mess with one of us, you're messing with all of us.  We might be ghetto, but we keep it fresh.  We're hip.  It's not even about Bird Street; it's us.  Don't matter what you gotta say about us, 'cause all we gonna' say is:  S W E R V E!!

[V]   Team Swerve members are valuable.  We take time and pride in our work.  And we make sure we protect ourselves and each other.   Our friendship is worth more than money.

[E]   Team Swerve members are all entrepreneurs, and we are amazing.  We work with someone who created what we are working as. 

Team Swerve Members
Jada, Honeya, Djamilson, Taija, Jonney, Joel, Astric, Christine and Jacorie

S - Smart
W - Wild
E - Enthusiastic
R - Real
V - Valuable
E - Entrepreneurs

Posted: March 30, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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