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Synonym for Change - UMass Students Exhibit Art in Upham's Corner

Posted: May 4, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

The arts event will held in the Upham's Corner business district in locations that are generally considered "storefronts."  While most people do not attach the concept of "aesthetics" to businesses, there is a growing trend in the field of community development to link aesthetics and economics. 

How will this event tie the businesses into art?

According to Max MacCarthy,  Executive Director of Upham’s Corner Main Street (UCMS), "Not only will this bring people into the district for a positive experience, but all the food and drink will be bought from area businesses.  We will encourage patrons to shop and eat locally before and after the event, and it will also help us to feature and market available spaces. It’s a win-win-win for artists, local businesses, and property owners."

Synonym for Change
Art Exhibition by UMass Students
Synonym for Change
Friday, May 4, 2012
6-7pm 543-545 Columbia Rd
Gallery Showcase
7-9pm 21 Stoughton St
Free but donations accepted
Sponsored by
Upham’s Corner Main Street
UMass Boston’s Trotter Institute
UMass Boston’s Art Department
More Info
Max MacCarthy

UMass Boston’s Trotter Institute, Upham’s Corner Main Street and UMass Boston’s Art Department are co-hosting the one-night art-gallery event in Upham's Corner to highlight 13 UMass Boston Art Department Capstone students displaying their work in the exhibition.

Challenging students to respond to the idea of change, the exhibition has been entitled: "A Synonym for Change." Each artist was given a synonym for the word "change" (1 of 25) to interpret in his/her work.

“Showing on Stoughton Street is a great opportunity to foreground Dorchester’s creative capital and activate underutilized space,” said Ann Torke, Associate Professor of the Art Department who is teaching the capstone studio for graduating seniors. And artists have always been integral to revitalization efforts."

The May 4th gallery will also serve as the kickoff event for the Urbansites @ Upham’s Corner Collaborative, which connects art and economic development in Upham’s Corner.

Barbara Lewis, associate professor and Trotter Institute Director at UMass Boston was instrumental in making this event happen.  If for no other reason, everyone should come out and say hello. 

"Creating and promoting art projects in service to community is my dream."  Ms. Lewis was inspired, she said, by the wealth of cultural resources in Uphams Corner, especially the Strand Theater.

Dr. Lewis put together an arts proposal in 2011 called Urban Sites, which she shared with executives at Uphams Corner Main Street and the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation.  In addition, she brokered the alliance between the UMass Boston Art Department and Uphams Corner Main Street.  Thanks to a public service grant from UMass Boston, the Trotter Institute is underwriting this event.


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