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Synonym for Change - UMass Art Exhibit in Upham's Corner 5/4/12 - in Review

Posted: May 4, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12
(Photos courtesy Kat Monaghan )

The UMass Capstone Art Exhibit began with a very well attended reception on Friday, May 4, 2012 at the Upham's Corner Main Street office next to the Strand Theatre.  Food, beverage and lots of mingling - many UMass students attended who had never been to the Upham's Corner neighborhood.

After the announcements and thank you's and speeches around 7pm, the celebration adjourned to move around the corner to 21 Stoughton St where the art exhibit was set up on a converted storefront (Avon sales).  That Friday night, the gallery was packed. 

The image to the right above is a photo of the studio space at night with Kat Monaghan's Phoenix artwork glowing through the window and the Avon nameplate still showing from its prior use.  With a little bit of elbow grease and a neutral wall paint, the storefront space easily converted into gallery space.

The photo below shows the art exhibit the following day with a quiet collection of visitors, artists and families.

UMass Art Exhibit

Click here to view the original announcement and learn more about the UMass event.

For your enjoyment, if you did not get a chance to attend the art show, UC News presents a selection of UMass Capstone art from the exhibit and, in the following pages, in depth interviews with student artists:  Ashley Overko, Carrie Savage and Shana Harden.

Note:  These student artists are amazing!  What lies behind the art is as interesting and important as the art itself.  Start here with the interviews:  Ashley Overko
UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12
Bill Baker

Urban Sprawl (Progress)
Paint Pen on Canvas. 2012. USA.

The world we live in surrounds us with urban and metropolitan
 development, rapid expansion and resource consumption play a large
 role in our society.  This piece explores the interconnectivity of our
environments as we continue intensive metropolitan evolution.

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 Lawrence Gillette

A Brush with the Crowd

Acrylic paint and India ink on canvas.  2012.  USA.

"A Brush with the Crowd" is about removing the creative process
from behind closed doors, and allowing the visitor to become
personally involved in the artwork's creation. 
Viewers are encouraged to write a single word,
or phrase, on the slips provided and the artist will attempt
to incorporate it into the work.

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 Shannon Callahan

A Closed Box (Evolve)

Plywood, spray & acrylic paint.  2012.  USA.

"This box is a look at what makes us genuine, or not genuine. 
Are we decent people, or not decent people?"

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 Kat Monaghan

Phoenix (Regenerate)

Aluminum, electro-luminescent wire, wood. 2012. USA.

“Previous experimentation generates ideas for new work,
even as methods and materials evolve.
A glowing bird rises from a ruined wooden sculpture
(hand-carved for a previous work, and deliberately destroyed for this one).
A fragment of wood becomes the bird’s beak,
representing pieces of our past which direct our future.
Then the cycle begins anew. ”

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12
UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 Charles Crowell

The Looking Glass:  Contracted & Expanded (Resolve)
Brass Plate, Copper Wiring, Video,
Found Paper & Graphite. 2012. Cambridge, MA.

"A critical cross-section of contemporary portraiture,
the piece seeks to investigate socio-cultural differences
between past and present, and how such differences
are articulated through new media portraits."

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 Maggie Kelly
Acrylic on canvas. 2012 USA.

"The piece is interactive, I invite you to cut the canvas
 as a means of ritual contemplation,
exploring the nature of destruction within the creative process. 
My intent for the viewer is to confront the human urge
towards violence, death, taking, essentially fragmenting
what is whole Trauma, on a personal and global scale,
is created by a belief of separateness."

UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12 UMass Capstone Art Exhibit 5/4/12
Oliver Guiney
Vasata Blues (Evolve)
Pencil on paper, pixel, paint on canvas.

"The year is 2027.  Vasata, a city based on what's left of Old Baltimore is crippled by disease, and crime is rampant.  Mega corporations stand as monolithic reminders that the repugnant thugs below will never regain control of society."

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