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Summer Youth Jobs at The Food Project - Applications Due 3/7/14

The Food Project (TFP) has announced that youth can begin applying for 2014 summer jobs.  Applications are due by March 7, 2014 and may be made through either an online or a paper process.  Going well beyond "something to do" in the summer and "a way to get some cash," The Food Project employment teaches youth about cultivating the land, networking with organizations that help others and following pathways in support of TFP principles including sustainability.

The Food Project - Summer Youth Jobs 2014

Applications to The Food Project's 2014 Summer Youth Program are open on March 7, 2014. The seven-week program employs youth on urban and suburban farms in Lincoln and Roxbury MA.   Applications can be turned in online or by paper (must request those from TFP offices).  Rules on who can apply include age and grade level completed.  Best to go to their website or contact them directly.   

Email syp@thefoodproject.org
Call 781-259-8621 x23.

Youth Returning from the Fields

The Food Project's nationally recognized Youth Programs combine agriculture, enterprise, and service to create a rigorous, practical, and integrated experience for teens from Greater Boston and the North Shore of eastern Massachusetts.  During the program, they will:
  • cultivate our urban and suburban farmland
  • participate in workshop
  • work with local hunger relief organizations
  • lead volunteers in the fields, and
  • Endeavor to expand community food access.
On completing the summer program (SYP), youth who continue to work with TFP can participate in their Academic Year Program (AYP) and the Internship Program. (Although youth who work as interns are not required to first complete AYP, the vast majority follow this track.)

AYP participants spend Saturdays and weekend afternoons learning more.
  • acquiring knowledge of sustainable agriculture and food justice
  • building public speaking and job readiness skills
  • participating in hands-on projects that further the mission of The Food Project

The Food Project is committed to diversity that crosses geographic, socioeconomic, and racial boundaries.  So they follow a youth hiring strategy designed to bring together a diverse group of youth and adults in order to cultivate mutual understanding across difference. 

And notes Danielle Andrews, Boston Greenhouse Manager, "Our youth are not simply enrolled in an enrichment program; they work hard, learn important lessons, and have fun together. All youth are paid for their work.  Earning a paycheck instills in them a sense of responsibility while providing economic support and incentive."

Posted: Jan 26, 2014    Nancy J Conrad

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