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State Representative 5th Suffolk District - Vote on April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014 is a special election to elect a new State Rep.  Five worthy candidates are vying for the job including Jennifer Johnson, Karen Charles Peterson, Evandro C. Carvalho, Barry Lawton and Roy Owens.  All of them are committed to serving our community.  5th Suffolk residents can make a difference by reviewing the candidates carefully then voting on April 1.

Listed in Alpha Order by First Name

Photos and descriptive information about each candidate were taken directly from the literature they are distributing to our doorsteps and community meetings.  Some of the literature talks about the candidate; others talk about what the candidates plan to accomplish in the role of state rep and one talks about more generic social issues he is concerned about.

This is our opportunity to take advantage of the fact that we live in a democracy and are free to cast our vote(s).  Vote April 1 and I'll see you there,.

Barry Lawton Barry Lawton

Website:  http://www.barryolawton.com

Barry Lawton's goal is to empower our neighborhood and enable us to seek and achieve change that will enhance the quality of life for all Fifth Suffolk residents.  His top priorities include:
  • Jobs and economic development
  • Education
  • Public safety and criminal justice
  • Infrastructure / Transportation
  • Immigration
  • Housing and homelessness

Evandro Carvalho
Evandro C. Carvalho

Website:  http://www.EvandroCarvalho.com

Mr Lawton is a litigation attorney and former assistant district attorney in Suffolk County.  He has dedicated his life to advoating for youth and low-income families. 
  • Former YMCA youth advocate and court-appointed guaardian ad-litem
  • Currently serves as board member for Teen Empowerment
  • Active volunteer for the MA Affordable Housing Alliance

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson

Website:  http://www.jenjohnson.nationbuiler.com

Ms. Johnson states we must find ways to take care of our community.  She pledges the following
  • Economic development that spurs jobs in our district
  • Training programs that give residents the skills needed for today"s tech and healthcare jobs
  • A livable wage in MA
  • Services to help residents with substancce abuse or trauma
  • A good education for all our children

Karen Charles Peterson
Karen Charles Peterson

Website:  http://www.KarenCharlesPeterson.com

Ms. Peterson has a lifetime of experience in public and community service.
  • Worked as an aide to Boston City Councillor at Large, Bruce Bolling
  • Worked for Mass Commission against Discrimination
  • Worked at Mass Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
  • Served as Director of Community Relations for Thomas Reilly
  • Appointed by Gov Patrick as Chief of Staff at the Registry of Motor Vehicles

Roy Owens
Roy Owens

Website:  http://www.royowensboston.mysite.com/

Roy is particularly concerned about the plight of black people in the United States and beyond 

"We are dying at twice the birth rate from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our population is decreasing, our schools are closing, and we will  lose a seat in congress IN 2013 due to abortion, and other self inflicted wounds because we are sleeping through a revolution.  Our houses are on fire and our first jobs are putting out the fire.  If we are ashamed to stand up for the family and  our children then Christ will be ashamed to stand up for us in Judgment. 

Your vote for Roy Owens STATE SENATOR 2ND SUFFOLK,  on PRIMARY Tuesday September 9  AND FINAL NOVEMBER 04, 2014 will send a strong message to Boston, and the World we are serious about CHANGE.

Posted: March 27, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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