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Safe Neighborhood Initiatives Meeting June 28, 2011

Posted: June 30, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

At the June 28, 2011 SNI meeting, Matt Feeney focused most of the meeting on the June 21st neighborhood walk.

Read about SNI neighborhood walk and view photos

Latifa Ziyad, Community Liaison for Constituent Services of ISD, distributed a two page report of issues identified on June 21 including the address, issue, department assigned and action taken.  Some properties have been referred to the housing division.  Many properties will be ticketed by code enforcement.  Empty lots will be referred to the "Clean It and Lien It" group.

View PDF of ISD Problem List
Once a ticket has been issued, it is up to the property owner to respond and take action.  If you don't see any progress within a week or two, feel free to notify.  If property owners do not respond, she will ask Code Enforcement to re-ticket. Note that City owned property gets referred internally to the appropriate group.
A few changes have occurred in the neighborhood (through 6/30/11)
  • The oil drum in front of the project price house is on
  • Some property owners have cut back their bushes at the sidewalk
  • Vacant land at Dudley and Humphreys has been cleared but not the sidewalk (still tall with weeds)
  • Prior Maxwell Flea Market - weeds/brush cleared around perimeter
Officer Goncalves reported that Area B-2 held a meeting on 6/28/11 to discuss 35 Humphreys St. They are in the process of identifying the last owner who, apparently, lives locally.  From him they will determine the legitimate tenants in the building.  There is a woman on the first floor with multiple children.  Because the property is being foreclosed, that family will be referred to city services to assist them in finding a new location.  Anyone who is not a legitimate tenant will be considered a squatter.  Housing will inspect the property and if it is not fit for human habitation, it will be boarded up.
One resident thanked Ofc Goncalves for this information, saying this is one of the most hopeful reports she has heard in a long time.
Liana Poston from Councilor Jackson's office provided an update on work their office has been doing.
  1. They have requested sensor lights be installed in the park on Belden Street
  2. They have reported to public works the streets that need to be resurfaced such as Humphreys Street
  3. They have submitted a work order to have the two hour parking signs in the Upham's Corner parking lot removed.  She noted that no one has any idea how/why the signs were put there in the first place.
There has been a big increase this week in the loitering on Dudley Street- in front of the liquor store, in front of El Frutero and at the intersection with Wendover Street.  Ofc Miller asked the residents to please call 911 with any related issues.  Please do not "just complain" at SNI meetings.
Ofc. Goncalves stated that the installation of a Keno game at El Frutero has provided an excuse for the youth to hang out there.  He would like to know how this game got installed without a community process.  Nancy Conrad has agreed to research this.
Police/DA reports
  1. Two youths who were arrested with loaded guns at 41 Humphrey Street have been sentenced, one, who had a lengthy record, to five years and the other, to 18 months
  2. With a report of money in a house on Grove Street, two men forced their way in at gunpoint, demanding the money.  A fight broke out and they later left in a gray Mercedes.
  3. A transportation department worker was ticketing a car at approximately 15 Elder Street when he saw something moving inside.  He notified the police and this resulted in the arrest of three youths. 
  4. The murder at Humphreys Street and Humphreys place is still under investigation.
Residents made suggestions for ways to control speeding on Humphreys Street. 
  • Install speed bumps
  • Install an additional stop sign
  • Have a police car staked out watching for speeding cars
Liana Poston will contact BTD regarding the installation of another stop sign. 
One resident asked that Upham's Corner have enforced street cleaning, where cars are required to be moved from alternate sides of the street every week, saying that it is effective because it removes the trash and makes sure that abandoned or stolen vehicles are not on the street. This already exists on Jones Hill and Bellevue Street. 

The group discussed the pros and cons. One resident voiced that there are other options to consider besides street cleaning. A Bellevue St resident spoke favorably saying it has increased the number of neighbors who look out for each other when the tow trucks are about to "roll." Liana Poston said scheduling street cleaning requires a community process to set up. 
A resident reported that the number of cars on Groom Street exceeds the space available for parking.  Some homeowners allow parking in front of their driveways but cars parked there are being ticketed even though this was not requested by the homeowner.

Jose Cardoso gave a report about the VIP coalition.  They are sending out a variety of surveys to provide services to more residents in the coalition areas.  For the last year they've been working on a B2B directory for a Upham's Corner.  It should be completed soon and will be given out to the businesses as a private resource for their networking especially concerning safety issues.

Matt Feeney asked how the group could get area businesses or Main Street to start attending the meeting.  Rev. John Odams will take this request back to UCMS. 
The group recommended that we hold neighborhood walks every quarter.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 6:30 PM.

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