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Should we Celebrate Black History Month?

In Praise of Black History Month

Dr. Martin Luther King by Carolle Nau

 America has meaning because it is a collection of a diverse group of people.  Resorting to polarizing ideals is inappropriate given the infancy of the Black History efforts - less than 100 years in the face of a 350 year history of enslaved Black People.

Today the condition of Black America continues to be characterized by gaps and huge chasms, and on this we must focus unfailingly.  Let us not forget this.  Let us not become distracted by short-term revisions of what COULD be.

We, as a People, remain committed to those qualities that will take us, all of us, to a better life, not just in Black America, but in the nation as a whole:  perseverance, courage and vision.

Image: Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Courtesy: The Library, UC San Diego

All of us bore the labor pains of freedom, independence and inalienable rights that sparked the American revolution. Then Black People suffered the governmental oversight of 350 years of under recognized contributions - contributions  that served as building blocks of the nation that we are today.

We must stay the course of seeking to balance America’s scales of justice. Why not a milestone of 350 yrs of celebrating Black History?

Maybe then we can have a discussion about relevancy.  Or better still, maybe we will recognize Black History as one of the founding pillars of our great nation. That’s what makes the American story so unique. 

Posted: February 14, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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