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Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Posters Taken Down

Documenting the "Trash"

Sexy Cape Verde Model Search PartyLast week (prior to the party date of Nov 16), someone (The Creative Studio) made up posters advertising "Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Official Party", then wrapped them securely around light poles on Dudley St.  Due to the graphic nature of the posters, residents removed them but not before UCNews was able to capture the situation and demonstrate its effect on the Uphams Corner business district.

[Click poster to view details such as the name of the graphics design firm ...]

According to members of the Improvement Association, these posters highlighted salacious and scantily dressed Cape Verdean women in suggestive / pornographic poses and were capable of catching anybody's attention. 

Resident:  "The suggestive poses just give a terrible impression of our community.  One woman is unzipping her leather jacket to display her boobs and another is lying down pointing between her legs.”

Another resident (male) said:  “That’s a woman lying down,” when his neighbor asked what he thought.  “And what is she doing with her hand?”  His answer was: “I’m not going there,” but admitted it was intended to commercialize pornography.  “So do you think it’s ok to have it taped to the light poles in Uphams Corner?”  He walked on.

Another resident (female) said: “If these are supposed to be models, what are they modeling?  If it’s underwear, then we should see their faces, not their butts.  And why aren’t they modeling nice clothes?  This can’t be real modeling.”

Finally, a young male reviewing Creative Studio's Facebook page laughed saying: “That’s not porn.  That’s juvenile and silly - poor artwork.  But it’s also trash and shouldn’t be in Uphams Corner.”

Visible to the School Kids Depite the Height

One resident asked:  How high up was the poster?  As if to say, that it might be OK if it was high enough and not visible to kids. Yet, as this journalist was photographing the poster in place, a school bus drove by.  The height of the seats in the bus with the kids looking out of the windows placed the poster in their direct line of sight.  While kids are not likely going to be so engrossed in the details of the cityscape and the minutiae on the light poles as to identify the close to naked images, still …

Was it right for residents to remove the posters?  According to Code Enforcement, it is a violation of city ordinance to have any material on city property, this being an example.  First violation is $50, then $100, then $200.  He was willing to send an officer out right away but no one knows who put the posters there, only who designed the posters.

Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Party Sexy Cape Verde Model Search Party

Let Creative Studio Know what you Think

Consider visiting Creative Studio's Facebook page and let them know what you think.  Ask them to stay out of Uphams Corner.


Posted: Nov 21, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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