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Search Function added to Uphams Corner News

Search Function added to Uphams Corner News

Introducing Google's Site Search Function into Uphams Corner News. 

The Uphams Corner News site main menu now includes a SEARCH option which is an implementation of the Google search with the SITE qualifier of "uphamscornernews.com."

[ search term ] site:www.uphamscornernews.com

Testing indicates that the Google Site Search is working pretty well though not comprehensively.  Adding Google Site Search may not be as good as if Uphams Corner News were located on a  CMS - "Content Management System."  However, for the present time, Google Site Search adds a tremendous helping hand for most general search purposes.

With over 825 pages of news on our website, finding information is near impossible.  We expect the new search function to provide access to a wealth of historic information about the greater Uphams Corner area. 

What keywords or content words interest the various search engine spiders?  A search on, for example, unusual names (people) included on UC News pages did not yield any results.

We will continue to test this function to identify limitations.  Otherwise, happy searching!

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Updated: September 26, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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