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Safe Street Team Initiative of the Boston Police Department

Posted: December 15, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

SST Visits UC Westside
The Safe Street Team Program is an "initiative" of the Boston Police Department for handling high-crime areas. Created in 2007, the Safe Street Teams "foster police and community engagement on a more personal level." 

According to the City of Boston website, they "provide a reassuring presence in neighborhoods through walking the beat and focusing on proactive and preventive measures to reduce crime, enforce public safety and improve the quality of life in the areas they are assigned."

The image of the police officer in a police car, a police car racing down the street or the distant call for help through 911 is replaced by line-level, district-based officers who patrol on foot.  They are expected to engage with residents on the street and with the business owners and workers.  The expectation is that the familiarity of their faces, their walking beat and their manner and style will lead to a more relaxed and trusting relationship with the community. 

The initiative speaks of "a sense of owership" created by the familiarity that grows quickly over time as the officers watch out for, and cover the same areas daily.  Such familiarity establishes a norm against which the abnormal is then easier to identify.  Problem-solving and crime-prevention are enhanced.
  1. Egleston Square (E13)
  2. South End/Lower Roxbury (D4)
  3. Franklin Field (B2)
  4. Eagle Hill/Maverick (A7)
  5. Orchard Park/Dudley (B2)
  6. Codman Square (C-11)
  7. Codman Square (B-3)
  8. Downtown Crossing (A1)
  9. Tremont Street/Stuart Street (A1)
  10. Blue Hill Avenue/Morton Street (B3)
  11. Bowdoin Street/Geneva Avenue (C11)
  12. Grove Hall (B2)
  13. Upham’s Corner (B2)
  14. Franklin Hill (B3)

The last expansion of the Safe Street Team Program was announced on March 18 2009.  

"Today Mayor Thomas Menino and Police Commissioner Edward Davis announce the expansion of the highly successful "Safe Street Team" initiative. The expansion of the walking beat program is the latest community policing effort focused on a proactive and preventative crime reduction strategy. The new team will be assigned to the Upham's Corner area."

Watch video from City of Boston Video Library .  Commissioner Ed Davis and Mayor Menino announce the expansion of the Safe Street Team to Upham's Corner.

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