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Safe Street Team Initiative in Upham's Corner

Posted: December 15, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

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On December 14, 2010 Sgt. Tommy Brooks attended the Upham's Corner West side Neighborhood Association meeting and introduced himself as a member of the Upham's Corner Safe Street Team.  He spoke enthusiastically about what he wants to accomplish here in Upham's Corner and described how he operates.  He says he is willing to tackle almost any issue that is bringing down the quality of life in our neighborhood.

He also brought up an effort spurred by the District Attorney's office under the efforts of ADA Matt Feeney.  They are planning quarterly meetings in Upham's Corner, encouraging all neighborhood groups and civic leaders to attend.  The BPD and the Safe Street Team will be present as well.  The first such meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2011.
To some extent our community is saddled by fragmentation. Here are some examples:
  • Community Service Officers meet individually with each neighborhood association.
  • Residents individually call the police
  • Each business individually contacts the Police or other City officials

Some community problems need to be tackled at a higher level.  For example you can rout prostitutes and drug dealers from one neighborhood only to have them resurface in an adjacent area.

"The individual meetings are great," Sgt Brooks stated.  "However, their power is ignored on a higher level. If we are able to meet quarterly in an arena that consists of a viable constituency, then you will gain the power that the individual meetings lack."

Open Letter to Officer Brooks:

Can you help Upham's Corner with neighborhood issues that span multiple organizations in City Hall? 

You speak about "fragmentation" of neighborhood power, yet often time the real fragmentation occurs at the City level where each City organization is liimited in what it can do, and nothing gets done.

Upham's Corner News has a HOT SPOTS list of problems.  They poison our commercial and business districts as well as the appeal and financial values of the homes close by.  Trash, litter, loitering, alcoholism on the steets, graffiti, hidden areas used as outdoor commodes, ...

We need help bringing ALL of the right people to Upham's Corner at the same time to get the job done.

Can you give us a hand?  Upham's Corner News can meet with you to discuss these issues.  Let's work together to improve our community.

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