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Safe Street Team Garners Win for Upham's Corner

Posted: March 13, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Police reporting on crime statistics at neighborhood meetings in Upham's Corner invariably carry the same message:  "You can't leave your car unlocked.  You can't leave ANYTHING in your car or it will get broken into."  Then they cite how many cars were broken into over the last month in that neighborhood alone. 

Multiplied by the number of neighborhoods in Upham's Corner and you have yourself a crime epidemic.
It's one thing to warn residents and to lecture about "risky" behavior; it's quite another to setup a sting and to catch the thief in action.

Sgt. Tommy Brooks and members of the Safe Street Team have setup on a motor vehicle three times over the last month.  They're patient.  Each time they wait for at least three hours. It's like fishing at night.  The first two times, no bites.   The third time, again for a three-hour wait, the bait was taken.

"So where do you setup a sting operation?"  Sgt. Brooks wouldn't tell us, nor where they plant themselves for surveillance.  He did say that it was a very busy section of Upham's Corner.

"Busy?  Why wouldn't you plant a motor vehicle in a quieter location where the theif believes he won't be seen?"

Sgt. Brooks stated that you can camouflage yourself in a busy location much more readily than in a quiet, isolated location where anyone looking will immediately think you look suspicious.  In a busy location, you could be "waiting for someone," "waiting for the bus," "I just got off the bus" - in other words, a million plausible excuses.
Official Press Release


Posted by MediaRelations on March 13, 2011

At about 9:31pm, on Saturday, March 12, 2011, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) assigned to the Uphams Corner Safe Street Team were on directed patrol as a result of several reports from community members regarding cars being broken into. Officers conducted a sting operation by setting up on a motor vehicle.

While monitoring the car, officers observed an individual approach the car, look inside and then walk away. In short time, the suspect returned, entered the car and stole several items including an Xbox Video Game System. Upon seeing this, officers promptly approached the suspect and took him into custody.

Officers arrested Joao Ortet, 32, of Boston and charged him with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle and Receiving Stolen Property.
Members of the Safe Street Team had been waiting for three hours.  The car was open and stocked with "goodies" that any alert thief would want.  The suspect stopped at the car, opened it, looked inside and left. 

"Why would someone do that?"

Sgt. Brooks said:  "That's easy.  How did he know if the owner of the car wasn't shopping close by and about to come back to their car?  If he waited say 45 minutes and still no one had arrived at the car, then the owner probably was home for the night."

So the suspect returned, opened the car, took the merchandise and left.  That's when the police came out of their surveillance location and nabbed him.  His first comment was to state that he "had found them in the street."  The police explained the circumstances and he confessed.

"Do you think he is the only person breaking into cars in Upham's Corner?" 

"No," was the answer.  There are likely more but word will get out and some of the break-ins will stop.  "That's no excuse," he said, "for forgetting and leaving items in the car that are desireable."

A great big thanks to the Safe Street Team.

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