Safe Outdoor Family Gathering Park - the Nonquit Green in Uphams Corner

The Nonquit Green in Uphams Corner is the perfect small park, surrounded by a protective wrought iron fence with a center "green" where kids can play.  The park is open daily from dawn till dusk.  Picnic tables and grills make it a perfect spot for family gatherings.  At the corner of Dudley and Nonquit Streets, the community welcomes you to stop by for a visit.

Are you looking for a place to hold your next family gathering, outing or birthday party? 

The Nonquit Green  at the intersection of Nonquit and Dudley Streets in Uphams Corner is free for the using. Founded in 1993, and created as a community gathering spot, open to everyone, the green was designed to be aesthetic, attractive and family friendly.

Nonquit Green in Uphams Corner

A beautiful utility building,
charming enough for
ghosts and goblins.

Nonquit Green in Uphams Corner
Sculptures created by "Make Way for Ducklings" artist, Nancy Schön,
are appealing to everyone - stories to tell as you watch their faces.

With picnic benches, grills, lovely sculptures appealing to the kids and adults alike and a large center green where family soccer is not only possible but fun, the Nonquit Green is one of Boston's hidden gems. The park opened in 2005, has been a safe haven for the community ever since, sering as a regular resting spot for families and more formal community events.

Nonquit Green in Uphams Corner
Nonquit Green as the colors turn in the fall.  Densely surrounded by trees, providing a private feeling and sense of calm

Nonquit Green in Uphams Corner
That the Green is full of trees can be seen in this winter scene with all of the branches bare.

You don't have to reserve the park or check in with anyone. Just be respectful of others and adhere to the Nonquit Green Rules and Regulations.  Developed by members of the Nonquit Land Trust for everyone's protection, the rules are prominently displayed on a metal plaque on the front gate.  They are reproduced below for your convenience.  

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Nonquit Green Rules and Regulations

The Nonquit Street Green founded 1993 - Visitors Please Take Notice

The Nonquit Green is a community space developed and maintained through the voluntary efforts of this community. Please do your part in keeping it maintained and beautiful so that everyone may enjoy it.

Visitors under twelve years of age require adult supervision
Please do not pick or tread upon the flowers
Please do not climb upon the trees or damage their bark or branches in any manner
Please do not climb upon any structure
Please do not litter.  Please remove any trash or use the trash receptacles
Please do not break glass and please remove any glass which is accidentally broken
Please do not feed the pigeons
Please be extremely careful when using barbecue grills. 
Please do not flame the barbecue grills by pouring accelerant on lighted coals.
Please do not erect tents or canopies, temporary or otherwise
Sitting on the grass is permitted except where posted
Dogs are prohibited
Sectarian and political activity is prohibited
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
Gambling is prohibited
Vending is prohibited
Fireworks and fire crackers are prohibited
Loud music is prohibited

Any activity which interferes with enjoyment of the space by other visitors; which causes damage to any structure, planting or element of the park; or which is prohibited by law, is prohibited.

Distribution of controlled substances on or within one hundred feet of his space is punishable by a mandatory minimum of two years imprisonment under M.G.L. Chapter 94C; Section 32J
Violators will be prosecuted and/or denied visiting privileges.

Per order of The Nonquit Street Neighborhood Association and Land Trust, Inc.

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Posted: June 29, 2014    Nancy J Conrad