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Renew Boston - Part of Boston's Sustainability Goals

Posted: January 28, 2011          Nancy J Conrad

Internationally visible climate change efforts began at the United Nations:
  • In 1992 with the Earth Summit. 
  • In 1997 with the Kyoto Protocol
The United States did not sign the Kyoto Protocol.  Despite this, the Conference of Mayors including Mayor Menino passed resolutions to adhere to, and exceed the Kyoto Protocol standards. 

For over 10 years Mayor Menino has been actively promoting Boston's move towards "sustainability."   In 2008 Boston was ranked as the 6th most sustainable city in the US.   Boston's sustainability goals include:
  • Reducing  the City's dependence on fossil fuels
  • Lowering the City's carbon footprint
  • Improving the lives of Boston residents
Review Boston's Climate Action History for "proof" of our City's commitment to sustainability.
What is Renew Boston?
Dorchester Bay's Role
Moving to Sustainable
Renew Boston Website
Climate Action History
Commonwealth of MA
City of Boston

Boston has set specific targets that MUST be met through a variety of initiatives.  Accomplishing them will be challenging because many of our businesses, organizations and residents must ELECT to participate. 

RENEW BOSTON is one of several initiatives and financial assistance available to encourage participation in the "green/sustainability" movement.

The Commonwealth of MA has also been active in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The most memorable legislation was the Commonwealth of MA 2008 Green Communities Act. 

Dorchester Bay (DBEDC) is one of 13 organizations designated by the City of Boston for outreach to area residents to spread the word on Renew Boston. 
  • What is RENEW BOSTON?
  • What will it do for me?
  • What is involved in signing up?
  • Who can help me get started?
Max MacCarthy is the "point person" for Renew Boston at Dorchester Bay

Max is knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and accessible.  You couldn't work with a better Renew Boston rep.  Give him a call:  617-825-4299 x251

Ask yourself:  "Where do I stand? and How can I help?"

The City of Boston is actively moving forward in national and world leadership in creating green jobs and green industries.  How do you feel about this effort? 

Think of RENEW BOSTON as moving the City of Boston onto the next stages of environmental growth, citizen action and sustainability. Ask yourself:
  1. How can I directly benefit?
  2. How can I make sure I am helping to move my life towards sustainability?
  3. How can I get involved?
  4. How can I spread the word about this program?

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