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"Remember" - Black History Poem

Dedicated to the Makers of Black History

Remember when justice was partial to Langston's hue
and the world made Billie Holiday blue.

When men dreamed like Kings
and marched the extra mile,

When we knew Baldwin was coming
with the fire next time.

When Malcolm went to Mecca - changed his mind.
Cassius became Ali - Liston passed his prime.

When "up you mighty race" Made Garvey messiah,
and "up from slavery" shared Booker T's ire.

When the voice of Frederick Douglas spoke,
and reached the souls of "Dubois" Black folk.

When Godfather James told us "say it loud"
and Stokely jabbed his fist - and said it proud.

When Rosa's feet couldn't take no more.
A true Sojourner like Tubman before.

When Nikki said clearly - these we not poetic times;
It was revolution . . .we read between the lines.

When James Weldon Johnson bellowed;
"Lift every voice and sing, til' earth and heaven ring"

It was to help Maya free her caged bird,
and Thurgood sit on the bench

To help Medgar's soul rest in peace,
and Jesse to run keeping "hope" and "push" alive!

Remember when we raised collective voices.
Robeson and Ella and Satchmo - Duke and Miles.

It was to give Hip hop a voice - still on the rise.
To give Cosby Claire and for them to give the world a "Huxtable",

To help Oprah be another Madame CJ Walker,
Michelle Obama to be a happily married Black woman
in a White House that was built of slaves,
by slaves but not for slaves.

And, it was to help a son who with Dreams from his father,
Dared to become the most powerful vision of hope
in America if not the world

. . . remember?

Robby Thomas, Copyright 2011

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Originally Posted: February 25, 2011    Nancy J Conrad


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