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Posted: December 31, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Looking Forward in 2011

 Upham's Corner News began as a response to two ideas:  
  1.   An online newspaper could make a difference in a small community
  2.   There was no better time to start one than now
We walked down the street, found a story, and a week later, published our first issue.

And so began a journey of discovery and reporting - about boundaries and topography, historic sites, businesses, hot spots, neighborhood organizations, trees and gardens, people and ethnic groups, the Strand Theatre and more.
We are well aware of the effect we as a newspaper can have both on ourselves and on others based on the position we take labeling that proverbial glass - half-empty or half-full.  In Physics the "Observer Effect" refers to changes that the act of observation will make on the phenomenon being observed.  The same holds for the next generation observer who hears "stories" about the observations and measurements.Flower

Early on we made a decision to favor the ambitious idea that, if not now, then surely soon, our glasses would lean towards the fuller side and one day overflow with bubbly champagne.

None of this is imaginary.  From far enough away, the glass is not only empty but barely visible.  Up close, you may find yourself in the presence of crystal.

One person on one street finding one beautiful flower cannot alter the way in which we fail to see ourselves in a field of flowers.  This only happens when enough of us open our eyes.  This is not to say that there aren't thorns and sharp rocks and even animal droppings to step in to "ruin" the day. 

Life is never perfect, but it is well worth becoming a steward of life.
hiking-boots Looking back in 2010 we remember events, neighborhood associations, neighborhood meetings, businesses, traffic, infrastructure repair, decorations, celebrations and economic hard times but above all else, we remember the people we met.  

Upham's Corner News is barely four months old in a community that is hundreds of years old and changing daily.  More than anything else, movements forward, away from and to must be grass-roots based.  It takes people living and working here who are highly motivated to make a difference, who can work patiently, consistently and with vision.

It's fun to imagine "Superman" swooping down to wipe away the trash from the streets or build a new library or get more people shopping in Upham's Corner, but that's not how it happens. 

"Boots on the ground and running" - a battalion of caring people working together to make a difference.

These are the thoughts we take with us as we turn now towards 2011.

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