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Upham's Corner Rainbow - Grand Opening

Rainbow Fashions for Women
745 Dudley St
Upham's Corner, MA 02125

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Posted: Saturday, September 4, 2010
Nancy J Conrad
Rainbow Fashions for WomenReader Comments
Rainbow Fashions for Women Think about adorning Dudley Street with a bouquet of vibrant, colorful and fresh wedding flowers.

Or better still, think of the most beautiful cascade of colors you can imagine as the sun's rays are refracted through the rain drops in the sky. "Look! It's a rainbow."

Now you can say: "Look! It's a rainbow." every time you pass by 745 Dudley Street in Upham's Corner.

The new Rainbow is a moderately priced clothing store -- women's, junior, kids and plus sizes and shoes. It is a national chain with over 1000 stores nationwide headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. 

Rainbow Fashions for WomenIn the Boston area alone there are 14 stores including Grove Hall, American Legion Hwy., Mattapan, Hyde Park, Martin Luther King Blvd. and Morrissey Boulevard. Their two newest stores are here in Upham's Corner and Jamaica Plain, both opening the last week of August 2010.Rainbow Fashions for Women

We were invited inside on Thursday, August 26, 2010 a couple hours before the Grand Opening. Jerry Caslar is the exuberant and enthusiastic District Manager. He along with everybody else was smiling and having a great time. It was so enjoyable to be in the store. Employees seemed to know exactly what to do to prepare for the opening.

Jerry was happy to talk about this, his newest store. He never tires of each new creation even though he has personally opened 70 stores in the 20 years he's been with the company. That says a lot about how much he cares for his merchandise, the store presentation, his employees and his customers.

Jerry wanted so much to talk about his Grove Hall store. Rainbow Fashions for WomenRainbow Fashions for Women"Can I tell you about the Grove Hall store?" he asked. He's very proud of it. Now a Rainbow Superstore, it caters specifically to the needs of the neighborhood. "What do you mean by that?" I asked. He said Grove Hall carries the kind of clothing the residents in Grove Hall want to buy and they play music the Grove Hall residents want to hear. They tell him, he listens and adapts the store to the neighborhood. 

Next we met Craig Hinds, Store Manager, smiling from ear to ear. "This Rainbow has a Branded Kids Department," he said, "Roc-a-wear, Fubu, Dereon by Beyonce, Coogi and Pelle-Pelle, sizes newborn to 14. We're really exited about this."

Jerry and Craig emphasized they hire from the neighborhood. They run a tight ship and care a lot about their employees. They look for people who have a sense of fashion, are enthusiastic and self-motivated, are quick studies and who show commitment and loyalty to both management and the customer.

Rainbow also believes in supporting the neighborhood through donations to churches, through advertising in the local papers and other ways as well.

Upham's Corner Rainbow deserves your attention. It's beautiful, the merchandise is great, the people are wonderful and you are sure to come out feeling better than when you went in. www.rainbowshop.com

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