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Rainbow Apparel One of the Worst Violators of Snow Removal Ordinance

Rainbow Apparel at 745 Dudley St remains one of the worst businesses in Uphams Corner for complying with the snow removal ordinance. The Uphams Corner Improvement Association (UCIA) waited for two days before filing a complaint.   Their record is poor after every snowfall and this has been true since they opened in 2010.  A pedestrian's ability to walk in front of their business is close to non-existent.  If you do attempt to following along the one-foot-path created by other pedestrians, there is a good possibility you will fall.

Rainbow Apparel one of the worst violators of snow removalRainbow Apparel one of the worst violators of snow removalRainbow Apparel one of the worst violators of snow removal

Many businesses and residents have shoveled the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses.  The biggest problem remains in the business district where pedestrians expect to use the sidewalks to transit among the businesses, to access public transportation and to get home safely. 

In years prior, many Uphams Corner businesses failed to shovel but Code Enforcement has been emphasizing (education) business responsibilities.  Despite the push by Code Enforcement, some businesses remain recalcitrant.

In a conversation with the manager at Rainbow, one of the worst violators, she expressed surprise.  She did not seem to know that shoveling snow is covered by a city ordinance.  That all other businesses in Rainbow's immediate proximity had shovelled did not seem to make a difference to her understanding of their business responsibilities.  One would wonder what respect that business maintains for its customers and for the Uphams Corner community in which they are located.

Contacting Rainbow on their Facebook page got an acknowledgement but not much response from the store. See comment below

Rainbow Apparel one of the worst violators of snow removal

Posted: February 7, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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Mon Feb 17 09:35:57 2014

The stores at 745 and 749 Dudley Street have the worst reputation in keeping the surroundings of their stores clean and tidy. Store 749 (Rainbow) is offensive to the Virginia St residents by storing their trash next to the side walk. Both businesses (L&M Bargain and Rainbow)  let the weeds grew as tall as  trees.

The property owner, Mark Salzberg, is responsible for maintaining both properties.  Until 2014, he refused to shovel snow from in front of L&M Bargain but this year has relented.  As for Rainbow, the sidewalk in front of their business the full length to Virginia St is left to be trampled by pedestrians.

On the other hand Upham's Corner code enforcement, and the Mayor's Hot line are not effective at all. Neighbors have called both and NOTHING is being done.  We don't need lip service, we need actions from the city of Boston to do their job efficiently, and effectively. 

Shemiram Fabian
Rainbow on Facebook


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