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Rainbow Apparel Has Treated their Loading Dock like a Trash Pit for Years

Rainbow Apparel's behavior demonstrates poor business citizenship.  Their loading dock on a residential street is littered with trash and debris all the time.  Starting in the spring weeds grow 3-4' and are never cut back.  This has been taking place for years with photos showing the condition never changes - 2010 to 2014.

Rainbow Apparel demonstrates the WORST business citizenship in Uphams Corner.  UC News has already reported about their refusal to shovel the sidewalks following snowstorms. 

Since moving into Uphams Corner in 2010, they have treated their loading dock as an open trash pit.  The City of Boston ordinance allows trash to be put out just before pickup but not 24x7 as Rainbow does.

Because the loading dock has a "nook,"  people can hide and not be seen from Dudley Street.  That means they can relieve themselves and who knows what else.  Street people also search through the bags and other debris so the trash becomes looser over time.  It then blows to the other side of Virginia street.  So now both sides of the block of Virginia Street that intersects Dudley are littered with trash.

Mark Salzberg, Property Owner

According to City of Boston ordinances, the party responsible for the condition of the property, snow shoveling, etc is the property owner.  Rainbow leases that site from Mark Salzberg who is also the owner of the building and business across the street, L&M Bargain.  In 2011 as part of the Improvement Association's cleanup of the business district on Dudley Street, they cut back the weeds surrounding the Salzberg properties. 

"Would you be willing to contribute to the Improvement Association for the work they did?"  Mark's answer was, "Sure.  But I only give money to non-profits."  That was like saying, "I only give money to purple-headed finches with long ears."  UCIA is a set of volunteers, not a non-profit. 

The continued neglect of that site was brought up at the Uphams Corner Westside Neighborhood Meeting on March 11 with Public Works in attendance.  They listened but almost, it seemed, mechanically.  The City taking time to attend to one tiny section of one tiny street in Boston was not a likely scenario.  Besides, Frank O'Brien said:  "Call the Mayor's Hotline.  That will generate a work order."

The photos below show the condition of the property from 2010 through 2014.  The nature of the trash may change but the overall condition including the paint and presence of graffiti does not.  Virginia Street ends in a business district but plenty of residents walk the length of Virginia Street to get to public transportation.  Why we can't have a site that is neat and properly maintained is a mystery.

Note the second photo is from Google in August 2011.  Even the public version of this loading dock recorded the same conditions as UC News.
Rainbow Apparel loading dock condition
Loading dock September 1, 2010 - So ugly for a residential street
Rainbow Apparel loading dock condition
Photo from Google Aug 2011

Rainbow Apparel loading dock condition
Weeds growing out of control September 2, 2012
Rainbow Apparel loading dock condition
Same weeds looking down toward Dudley St September 2, 2012

Rainbow Apparel loading dock condition
March 12, 2014
Rainbow Apparel loading dock conditionClose-up March 12, 2014

Posted: March 17, 2014    Nancy J Conrad

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