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Public Works Wows the Westside Neighborhood with Good Clean News

The Dept of Public Works gave a great presentation at the Uphams Corner Westside Neighborhood Association (UCWNA) meeting on March 11 , 2014.  And why?  Because the request for street sweeping that got lost last year has been found and is in the process of implementation.  Effective 4/1/14, our streets, too, will be cleaned and our cars ticketed and towed like everyone else's if we don't comply.  Everyone including neighbors who found out after the meeting are very excited. 

Street Sweeping Program Implementation in Uphams Corner

Public Works Discusses Posted Street Cleaning Frank O'Brien is on top of his game.  He arrived with a surplus of flyers that are ready for distribution (in bright red).  On one side is a list of the new streets.  Signs will be erected starting mid-March and will be ready by the program official start date on 4/1/14.  On the other side of the flyer are the Street Sweeping Rules and how to get more information including early notification by email or text message.  (see list of rules below)

In addition, DPW arrived with a wonderful map of the new streets.
Eventually, Frank stated, the entire city will be covered by the program.  The goal (he emphasized it is still being supported by the new Mayor Walsh) is to keep the cleanliness of the streets and our neighborhoods under control.

"What about piles of leaves and other trash on the sidewalks?" someone asked, highlighting a condition on Humphreys Street, and added, "While that street was already under the street sweeping program, cars were not moved."  Mr. O'Brien emphasized the importance of calling the Mayor's Hotline - 617.635.4500.  "Issues documented through that central area automatically generate a work order."  So if you have two issues - one for street and one for sidewalk, they will be routed to the correct departments. 

He added, "We don't go out just because there is a gum wrapper on the ground."
Dorchester New Posted Street Sweeping

The Boston Public Works Department is implementing new posted street sweeping programs on streets in several neighborhoods. Currently, many cars on these streets do not move on the scheduled street sweeping day and the sweeper cannot access the curb area. This program will allow for more effective mechanical street sweeping resulting in a cleaner environment in your community.  The list of new streets to he included with the sweeping days and hours follows.

New program announced
  • The street sweeping program in these neighborhoods begins on April 1.
  • The Boston Transportation Department will post the signs on your street prior to that date.
  • The signs will indicate the days and hours when the parking restrictions will be in effect.
  • Please note the information on the signs prior to April 1.
Street sweeping schedule
  • The program will run from April 1 through November 30 each year.
  • The odd numbered side of the street will be swept on the 1st & 3rd designated weekday of the month.
  • The even side will be swept on the 1st and 3rd designated weekday of the month. 
  • This program will be enforced through parking fines as well as towing of vehicles.
  • Please comply with the posted regulations.
More information
  • Comprehensive street sweeping information can be found at www.cityofboston.gov.
  • Weather and road conditions will occasionally require cancellation of street sweeping and enforcement.
  • You can register for posted street sweeping electronic reminders and cancellation info by accessing the No-Tow link at that web site.
  • Inquiries can also be directed to the Mayor's 24-Hour Service at 617-635-4500 at any time.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work to provide a cleaner City.

Dorchester Streets - Street Sweeping Program

Posted: Mar 11, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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