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Public Artwork Dedication in Edward Everett Square - October 16, 2010

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

What Public Artwork Dedication
When 1pm Saturday, October 16, 2010
Where Edward Everett Square - Intersection Columbia Rd, Mass Ave and Boston St
Why Culmination of 15 years of community work to improve and beautify this area
  • Mayor Thomas Memino
  • Gill Solomon, Massachusetts Ponkagpoag Tribal leader
  • Senator Jack HartEdward Everett Sq Public Artwork
  • State Rep Marty Walsh
  • City Councilor Maureen Feeney
  • John McColgan, President of the EES Committee
  • Artist Laura Baring-Gould
  • Friends of Edward Everett Square
  • Members of the EES Committee
In all over 50 community leaders, residents, activists, historians and political leaders will take part in the ceremonies.

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Over the last several years we have watched our community adjust to the giant pear symbolizing Dorchester's farming past.  We expect to see it there.  It is a "can't-miss" landmark, and the residents have taken on watching the area and making recommendations for keeping it up.

Annually, for example, a pear-washing event is held, new flowers are planted and recently, metal maple leafs were installed to keep the skate-boarders from damaging the grounds.
Edward Everett Sq Public Artwork
All the while half-height poles stood in watch, almost as if they were waiting for horses to be tied up.  We (the uninformed public) never knew why these unadorned uprights were located there, not seeming to add to the "beauty" of the magnificent pear.

The answers have unfolded over the last several days as the artist and her crew prepared the artwork for the dedication ceremony.  

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Dorchester is the largest official neighborhood of Boston.  It is full of many ethnic and historic pockets - micro-neighborhoods.  The collection of people who live here truly represent the unfolding world view of internationalism.  

What truly brings us together always lies at the depths of our souls - emotion tied to the arts - music, poetry, words, images and rich symbols that speak to each one off us differently and yet bind us together with the commonality of humanity.Edward Everett Sq Public Artwork

The individual pieces of art only just this week arrived from their point of origin - not where they were designed but where the casting of the visions took form - Thailand.

What you will see are six nostalgic and familiar representations from life.  The details that went into their design and creation are amazing.

Yes, of course, you could wait until later to stop by, but it's not the same as standing with the crowd and sensing the awe and excitement passing like waves.


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