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Project Right Holds Grove Hall Peace Walks

Posted: April 27, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

It's still early in the year but Project Right has already begun holding their Grove Hall peace walks.  April 27, 2011 we met Michael Kozu, Project Right Community Coordinator, at the deliverance Temple Church, corner of Columbia Road and Devon Street. 

Project right started the peace walks last year and will continue them in 2011.  The current plan is a bi-weekly schedule:
  • 2nd Wednesday of the month, start on the Blue Hill Avenue side of Grove Hall
  • 4th Wednesday of the month, start at the Columbia road side of Grove Hall
If they find it helpful and useful, Project Right will expand the peace walks to a weekly schedule and include other locations in Grove Hall.

Michael explained that "The purpose of the peace walk is to show visibility, to do outreach to the neighborhood and to show residents that groups are actively calling for peace and trying to do something about violence."

On occasion, people may approach them with an issue.  If they can help, they do.  Otherwise, they refer them to a group that can.

"How many people come out for the peace walks, it all depends.  Since this is the beginning of the year, we expect a smaller crowd.  When a school joins us, the crowd is larger." 

Michael explained that the peace walk starts and ends at the same location.  That's where the signs are, where the food is and where there is an opportunity for conversation at the end of the walk.  "It takes about a half hour for people to gather.  Then we go out for a 45 minute to one hour walk. We carry peace signs and always make a lot of racket to draw attention to the event."

DEMAND Peace!!  Walk for Peace! Honk for Peace!

For more information, call 617-541-5451.x102 (Project RIGHT, Inc.).

Project Right Peace Walk Project Right Peace Walk

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