Open Studios



October 22, 2011

12:00 noon Free Lunch - Pilgrim Church

  12:30 pm Reception - Meet & Greet Readers

  1:00 pm Readings Begin

  5:00 pm Closing Reception

Pilgrim Church

540 Columbia Rd

Upham's Corner, MA

Pilgrim Church welcomes the Dorchester Arts Collaborative to Upham's Corner. Located across from the Strand Theatre, the church has recently been deemed eligible for the

Massachusetts Historic Register and is a stunning work of architecture.

Pastor Odams:
"Pilgrim Church supports the arts and encourages our Upham's Corner community to express itself creatively and to engage in artistic endeavors often."

Nancy Conrad - Readings Co-ordinator

Enjoying poetry and creative writing since youth, Nancy Conrad co-authored the text Computer Mathematics and recently published a photography book: Pilgrim on the Common.

Upham's Corner Improvement Association (UCIA)

Formed in 1914 and recently reformed, the Upham's Corner Improvement Association seeks to improve the image and quality of life of the residents of Upham's Corner. For the DAC Open Studios 2011, UCIA is sponsoring a set of short multi-cultural poetry readings.

Shemiram Fabian - Aramaic and Farci

From Abadan in southwest Iran, Shemiram Fabian married a Peace Corp worker, Larry Fabian, and they moved to the United States in 1977. She studied Persian literature and is a lover the arts, beauty and culture.

Hoang Dang - Vietnamese

Hoang Dang is from Saigon, Vietnam where she studied mathematics. She moved to the United States in 1997 and has two sons who attend Boston Latin School.

Carol Perez - Filipino

The Philippines are made up of over 7100 islands. Carol Perez is from Malinao in the Central Visayas. She speaks Aklanon which is one of four languages in the Central Visayas. While she has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Education, as a youth she loved participating in group singing and drama and writing poetry.

Daniel Correia - Cape Verdean Creole

Daniel Correia arrived from Cape Verde in 2007 and works as a licensed barber. He is interested in the arts and sings, plays guitar and keyboard.

Jean Alonso

Jean Alonso is the author of The Patriots: An Inside Look at Life in a Defense Plant (published by Leap Year Press, May 2011). Stephen Soldsz in a review in Counterpunch described it as "one of the most thought-provoking books you will find to read this year." She has also published in Women's Review of Books and Monthly Review.

Jean is a retired factory worker and mental health worker who has lived on Meeting House Hill in Dorchester since 1989. She is a charter member of the Dorchester-Roxbury Labor Committee, which advocates for more construction jobs for local residents, women and people of color.


Willie Pleasants

Willie Pleasants is author, poet , speaker and TV Host (Willie's Web). Her second book, "Make Truth a habit"(Authorhouse, 2009) is comprised of poignant, spiritual, and thought-provoking short stories and poems that are true to life adventures that leave you with hope. Her books are used to encourage reading for all ages.

The Dot Four

The Dot Four are four women poets living in Dorchester who came together in Spring 2009 to share and critique their work. They are informed by decades as writers, teachers, mothers, (three as grandmothers), gardeners, involved citizens of their community and observers of city life and the natural world. From this rich material they have crafted poems of insight and precision.Since their first reading in May, 2011 at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, the group's compositions for four voices interweave their voices/poems according to theme. Like a quartet in music, each member takes a turn at center stage.


Meg Campbell

Meg Campbell is the author of Solo Crossing (Midmarch Arts Press, 3rd printing), and editor of Split Verse: Poems to Heal Your Heart (Midmarch Arts Press). A new collection of her poems, More Love, is forthcoming next year from Midmarch Arts Press. She has been invited to read her poetry at Dodge Festival, The Tattered Cover in Denver and numerous other venues. She is founder and Executive Director of Codman Academy Charter Public School in Dorchester, where she resides.

Sandra Kohler

Sandra Kohler's third book of poems, Improbable Music, was published in May, 2011 by Word Press. Her two previous collections are The Ceremonies of Longing, U. of Pittsburgh Press, 2003 and The Country of Women, Calyx, 1995.Her poems have appeared in The New Republic, Prairie Schooner, an d The Beloit Poetry Journal. For the past thirty-five years, she's taught literature and writing in venues ranging from elementary school to university. A resident of Pennsylvania for most of her adult life, she moved to Dorchester in 2006.

Jean Knox

Jean Knox is an editorial supervisor in the School Division at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She has published four books on science and health with Chelsea House, New York, and a history of the Longy School of Music, commissioned for the school's 75th anniversary. She has also written several articles for the Boston Globe Sunday magazine. A poet for many years, she has just recently begun to seek publication.

Cornelia Veenendaal

Cornelia Veenendaal's three books are What Seas What Shores (Rowan Tree Press, 1984), Green Shaded Lamps (Alice James Books 1977) and The Trans-Siberian Railway (Alice James Books, 1973). She has published poems in journals including Commonweal, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner and Sojourner. She taught literature and creative writing at U. Mass Boston for over 25 years.

Aaron Devine

Aaron Devine is a Dorchester-based writer and translator. He is an MFA candidate in fiction writing at UMass-Boston and works as Writer-in-Residence at Children's Hospital leading projects in creative writing. Aaron is author of the book Wonder/Wander: 522 Days in Latin America and co-founder of the Write on the DOT reading series.

Karen Locasio

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo is a multi-talented Zimbabwean Artist performing on stage her original poetry, songs, and music since 1996 in New York, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the ICA in Boston. She also represented Zimbabwe by performing in the first ever African festival @ Boston City Hall Plaza July 2010! U-Meleni has written and produced a CD of poetry & music entitled "Soul Psalms, Birth, Death, and Resurrexion" which has been used as a teaching tool in schools and universities.

Danielle Fontaine

Danielle Fontaine is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her work has received an honorable mention in the Academy of American Poets Writing Competition and has been featured on NPR's "Here and Now" website. Her poems have appeared in Juked Poetry, Front Range, Breakwater Review and others. She writes both conventional and performance poetry and has featured at various venues in the Boston area.

Natty Forsythe

Natty Forsythe once read that we all now exist in an idiom of eternal present. But he read that in the past, which doesn't matter anymore. Right now he is an MFA student at UMass Boston and an editor for ripple(s).  Oh wait, now he's working on a novel about indie rock, ghosts, and efficient public transportation. Oh wait, now he's wandering the New England countryside in search of Viking artifacts. Oh wait, now he's eating a muffin.

Morie Deykute

Morie Deykute is a first-year MFA Poetry student at UMass Boston. At the moment she is obsessed with the magic of language, the creation of personal mythologies, and all the lost, forgotten and unnoticed things that lie beneath the surface of the everyday.

Kurt Klopmeier

Kurt Klopmeier is from St. Louis and is currently a first-year masters student in poetry at UMass. In his freshman year of high school he wrote a poem "When I See You," which rhymed "wrong or right," "day or night," and "ever might" in successive lines. He hopes that he has grown as a poet since then. He lives in Savin Hill and especially likes walking up to the peak of what he assumes is the eponymous hill in the park there. The last line of a poem that has affected him the most is from Rilke's "Archaic Torso of Apollo": "You must change your life."

Sam Cha

Sam Cha is a second year MFA poet at UMass Boston. Prior to that, he studied, at various points, at Seoul National University, Williams College, University of Virginia, and Rutgers. He was last semester's winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize at his school. His poems and translations have been published in various places, both online and in print, including: ASIA, decomP, Opium online, apt, Anderbo, and Radius. He's fascinated with history and evil, sound and meaning, and the blank spaces at the core of metaphor. Lest you think he's being pretentious, he wants you to know that the previous sentence is oscillating so very rapidly between truth and falsehood that it's turning into a thought experiment in quantum mechanics, one he really doesn't have the maths to describe.