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Police Report for the Uphams Corner Westside Neighborhood 3/11/14

The March Police Report covered 40 items from motor vehicle violations and accidents to domestic issues and arguments to theft and a few other items.  Officer Miller issued warnings about recurring behaviors and suggested the group pass them on to family and friends.  The rash of broken car windows has stopped with the arrest of an alleged perpetrator.

Police Report 2/11/14 to 3/10/14

Community Services officer Marie Miller gave the report, aptly researched and presented in detail.  There were 40 incidents which averages to just over one per day.  Of course many other incidents involving the police take place that do not get a police report and hence do not show up on the Incident Search Results for the Westside area.

UCWNA Mtg 3/11/14 Police Report UCWNA Mtg 3/11/14 Police Report

 Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • The number of motor vehicle accidents was unusually high - 7
  • In addition there were three people arrested for operating a motor vehicle after their license was revoked or suspended including one woman with her kids in the car
  • Two cars were towed for unknown reasons
  • One car's dashboard was stolen
The issue of broken car windows mentioned in the February police report, which had spread over from the C11 area to the B2 side of Uphams Corner, had become serious enough that a combined C11 / B2 meeting was held where C11 confirmed that double the number of cases of broken car windows was happening in their district. 

But all is better.  Apparently the perpetrator (alleged) has been arrested.  If that individual is not guilty, it is mighty coincidental that ALL of the broken car windows have ceased to occur.

Arguments and Domestic Issues
  • Tenant vs tenant
  • Domestic violence (2)
  • Argument
  • Assault and battery - argument (2)
  • Stalking
  • Argument with co-worker
  • Trespassing at the Pilgrim Shelter
  • Search warrant at 10 Ceylon and drugs recovered
  • Search warrant at 54 Virginia St and drugs recovered
  • Search warrant at 16 Drayton Ave and drugs recovered
  • Slashed tires
  • Broken house window
  • CVS shoplifting
  • Stolen cell phone (2)
  • Gift card with no money remaining
  • Theft of sneakers and jacket with pretend firearm
  • Fraud - larceny by scheme.  (Citizens Bank)
  • Arrest under warrant
  • Loud party
  • Missing person located

Warnings and Notes

Officer Miller emphasized NOT carrying your cell phone in your back jean pocket while walking down the street.  Someone can easily come from behind and take it from the pocket and run.

She also emphasized to NOT purchase gift cards from the front of the group of hanging cards.  Thieves take a photo of the card number then can tell (she did not know how) when the card is activated (at purchase).  The thief immediately uses all the money on the card so that when the buyer tries to use it, there is no money left.  Better, she said, to buy a gift card from the business it is intended for rather than purchasing it from a general store.

Citizens Bank has a task force looking into the fraud larcheny scheme they reported on 1/15/14.

Posted: Mar 11, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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