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Police Report for the Uphams Corner Westside Neighborhood 2/11/14

The police report covered 45 incidents from 1/14/14 to 2/10/14 including motor vehicle incidents, theft, domestic disputes and other fights and arguments, fraud and several business-related incidents including getting locked in CVS and someone breaking into the Citizens Bank.  Of concern is the high level of broken car windows as the same problem is occurring on Jone's Hill.  C 11 police suggested a window replacement company was doing this on purpose.

Boston Police DeptUphams Corner Westside Neighborhood (UCWNA) - Police Report 2/11/14

Community Services Office, Marie Miller, gave the police report at the February meeting of the Uphams Corner Westside Neighborhood Association.

Following is a list of the police incidents for which a report was written.  It does not include calls to 911 unless a report was written.  Note that some of the more interesting reports follow the general list.

  •      motor vehicle license plate stolen
  •      credit card fraud (2)
  •      resisting arrest therefore charged with assault and battery on a police officer
  •      operating a car after license was suspended (2)
  •      vehicle towed, blocking driveway
  •      stolen phone and GPS (2)
  •      various verbal disputes
  •      lost wallet
  •      stolen computer
  •      individual trespassing in the house
  •      various domestic disputes and fights
  •      motor vehicle accident with head injury
  •      call to EMS
  •      indecent assault and battery on a child (classified)

Citizens Bank – someone broke in to the citizens Bank from the back. When they tried to leave the main lobby through the front door to get to the ATM, someone noticed and called the lease. The individual was found to have on his possession wideout, a stapler and a lollipop – no money. She was still arrested.

Credit card fraud – the victim received a cell phone bill for thousands of dollars which they know did not belong to them. After receiving the credit report, they reported the Social Security number stolen.

CVS – person called police when they discovered they had been locked into CVS

Broken car windows – Vandalism consisting of broken car windows was much higher than usual – a total of six cars with broken windows. C11 police reported the same behavior the John's Hill area and suggested that the glass window company might be responsible.

Posted: February 10, 2014    Nancy J Conrad

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