"Poetic" - Toni Rose, Spoken Word Artist at Uphams Corner UP Market

Poet, Toni Rose, read her poem "Poetic" from the DJ's mic at the June 21 UP Market.  As her voice carried rhythmically across the vendor plaza, we all stopped to listen to an accomplished spoken word artist in Uphams Corner.

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By Toni Rose
Poetry mimics all genres of art
A tone of lyrical notes
Flows through the ear
Captured attention
Sweet melody

A dance so intense
drawn in
partnership using
one to lead and
the other

Pulse beats like 
drums echoing
the dance hall
mind encompassed
rhythm and beats
art knows no limits

Free style in the streets
mind, heart and soul
emotions explode
pure and raw

 Poetry mimics
all genres of art
spoken, instrumental,
physical movements
of feelings
receiving a message
not to be judged
embraced and understood
the story is truth
life’s experience

Your opinion does
not change
reality but it
just may change
your bias

Dancers moving to
the beat… to
the notes of
someone else’s
capturing the essence of
the message
adding a personal spin
poetry in motion
healing and community

Partners move forcefully
across the stage
in sync moves
music, master lyricist
mimics all forms of

Listen to the tone
in the notes
see the moves
along the dance floor
the strokes of a painting
the shadows behind the drawings

Poetry invites you
to get to know
an artist  

Website: (The Blue Rose Healing through Art)

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Posted: July 4, 2014    Nancy J Conrad