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Poem for your Pocket to Celebrate Earth Year #43

A Poem for your Pocket

Emphasizing the poem
a creative form of expression,
UC News is encouraging everyone
to keep a couple
of your favorite poems
close at hand.

Carry them in your pockets
for reflective times, for quiet times.
Reach inside.  Surprise yourself.  
Read, memorize, sing aloud.
Let your creativity come alive.

If Trees Could Talk, Would They Talk to Me?

Dedicated to Earth Year #43

- Nancy Conrad

Do trees have eyes? Can they hear the birds?
Can they speak their minds with definitive words?
Can trees smell jasmine and roses and earth?
Does the cleansing rain provide them new birth?

Poem Dedicated to Earth Year #43

If trees could talk, would they speak to the bees,
to the birds, to the sunshine, to the other trees?
Surely they know the language of flowers
Poignantly humble in sunshine or showers.

In the chatter and scurry that wakens the day
Do trees yawn and stretch in a welcoming way?
When birds sing and warble and screech out their calls
Do trees listen closely in their symphony halls?

Remembering their friends as the day turns dark:
Red squirrel, racoon, green snake and skylark,
Tall soldiers are they protecting the night
While creaks and moans bring us sudden stagefright.

Poem Dedicated to Earth Year #43

With their leaf-like hands stretched out and among
Are they praying to Tree-God for the health of their young?
Their presence of mind - how they stand still forever.
For us it is tedious, for them it is clever.

If I listen closely hidden from view
Will I hear them sipping the morning dew?
I wonder, I wonder, can the trees see me?
Do I matter to them as much as they matter to me?

With love . . Nancy

Posted: May 3, 2013 Nancy J Conrad

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