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Plough and Stars Project - Is Farming in your Future?

The move towards local growing, organic farming, being in touch with nature and a "simpler" and more physical life is gaining momentum. 
  • So instead of Stop and Shop, we shop Farmers Markets.
  • Or maybe we even grow our own, learning how to stave off the insects, rodents and squirrels who are just as hungry as we are.
  • How about a gardening course?
  • How about becoming a Master Gardener?
How about going to Farm School for one year?

Well that might just be going a little bit too far, but not for Erik Jacobs, accomplished professional photographer (works for the Globe).  In short order Erik is heading west to Athol MA to spend one year learning the farming trade - living, working, studying - fully immersed in a new way of life.

Erik is coupled with Dina Rudick, also an accomplished photographer and journalist.   The two of them have begun a journey they are calling "Plough and Stars"  - the real-time making of a modern day farm family in photos and in words.  Plough & Stars Project

The Plough and Stars Project Blogsite

Filled with the highest quality photos, their website is imbued with a deep spirituality and love of life and nature. Each photo waits, as if with baited breath, to continue the conversation as we gaze into a moment frozen in time.

Undisputed Featherweight Champioin
Taken from their "Undisputed Featherweight Champs" Project
Photo courtesy Erik Jacobs

Our absolute favorite (that's today, of course) project is called City Loves Country.  The photos are awe-inspiring, draw chills into your body on the warmest of days and give hope to the transformation of urban settings into statements that touch our lives and leave a lasting and sustaining imprint on the earth.


Dorothy the Backyard Chicken

The story of the cooked chicken, head and all - you will grin from ear to ear and laugh aloud and enjoy the sense of real life in their daily journeys striving to live connected to life.

Read about the Life and Times of Dorothy, the Backyard Chicken and why she met her demise ....   Dorothy the Backyard Chicken

Plough and Stars Chicken
Photo courtesy Erik Jacobs

Plough and Stars Project Mission (taken from their website)

We seek to live and nurture lives of meaningful connection: Connection to the earth, connection to each other, connection to our work and connection to our food. Through these connections we want to nourish bodies, quiet minds, foster community and be good stewards of the land.

Like many people, we are frustrated with our politically challenged society and consumer-driven lifestyles, and we find ourselves yearning at the same time for more and for less.  We believe that living closer to the earth brings us closer to the divine and that, at its essence, is what we celebrate:

UC News will be following Erik and Dina's journey over the next year, vicariously seeking a closer connection to the earth and wanting to learn more about the Farm School

Learn more about Farm School   http://www.farmschool.org

Follow Erik and Dina's journey (you may want to replicate)  http://ploughandstarsproject.com [be patient - site opens slowly]

Posted: July 14, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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